Sunday, October 30, 2016


Mass Ascension

- On this 3d field of experience,Planet Earth,it is allowed for un individual.. up to the 4th Initiation...out of 9(nine) which is the Top of the Mountain !(Deity).Therefore, there are limits and limitations in respect of the evolution of an individual incarnated on Earth.-
Alis Bealey - Rays &Initiations -
INITIATIONS has to do,or related with the evolution of un individual or the collective consciousness.


Is related with the biological,sexual,needs and desires,and Race continuity
Is related with the emotional needs and desires and is centered within the Solar Plexus of an Individual.

Is related with the Heart - love,compassion,caring,understanding - and the control of the mind, for the right decisions
and choices ,and right actions.
Is the last and the major Initiation, could be accomplished on this field of experience.Is the stage of an individual,when the Lower Self is connected with the Higher Self or his soul.It is the time of the awakening,becoming aware of his divine identity,as part of the Eternal -divine. It is the time of Enlightenment  - liberation,and as Lord G.Buddha said,there is no need for any more incarnations on Earth.On this level of existence, matter as the lower form of spirit,is the vehicle of soul.In a higher level of existence,soul is the vehicle of Spirit -THAT.It seems,that we are travelling within Infinite - Eternity,and this journey is without End.

Ascended Master S.Germain in His last message of Sunday 8th of July,He states very clearly :
- We of the Great White Brotherhood no longer care if those not ascending are activated because we did all that we could to draw them in. No more calls for ascension are coming. No more energy will be expended to awaken those who cannot make this their defining lifetime. Cause and effect now override any of our urgings. Only those committed to ascend, can answer the call. -
In respect of the Ascension Issue,and from the very beginning we may say,is been a gigantic  effort from the spiritual hierarchy,The ascended masters realm,great White Brotherhood,The galactics,The celestials, Cosmic Councils of Light,through spiritual quittance of Mankind,to assist in shifting of collective s,to Chris Consciousness.
All this efforts by the Planetary and Cosmic Spiritual Hierarchy,having as a common cause the Ascension Issue,were destined to an over all Purpose or Task :To alter Human and Planetary circumstances  ! In terms of the eternal,and divinity, nothing is impossible - Everything is Possible .As the Masters used to say :Few can make the difference -Many can move mountains !!
Christ,the Son,the 2nd Aspect of Trinity,IS Love and Wisdom.Christ Consciousness is Unconditional Love,Unity, One Vibration...

The Ascension scenario as is been decreed by the Creator Himself,with the ascended master,s Realm responsible for the whole Ascension process -S.Germain ,El Moryia ,Kuthumi ,Lady Portia ,Lady Nada e.t.c,with the assistance of all the archangels and the angelic realm,the galactics, the help
the shifting of Humanity and also mother Earth,to 5th Dimensional level of existence.
Taking into consideration all the factors involved,a question arises for all ,either Ascending masters,adepts,chelas, lightworkers e.t.c
Did actually,the mass Ascension scenario,is been the objective target from the beginning,knowing the meaning of Ascension ?
Some chanels try to present or determine Ascension,as the recall or remembering of our memories,and
: consciousness

  of our Higher  Self,as been before incarnation on Earth.

Is it so ?They all agree that ascension is Enlightenment - , graduation, related or connected  with the shifting of consciousness of an individual,to higher level of experience existence.
Conclusively,the mass Ascension scenario,destined with- the joined
efforts of the Spiritual Hierarchy,-to accomplish at least, the shifting of the Critical Mass of the collective consciousness.
By increasing spirituality and Light,this alone, could divert the flow of energies and changes the flow of events - Altering