Tuesday, October 4, 2016

A Message from Kryon ~ Stop the Gloom and Doom



A Message from Kryon ~ Stop the Gloom and Doom

..The old ripples of time that say that you are overdue for something was written in an old energy; you are rewriting that energy. You have seen the prophecies of an older time drop away. The Mayan calendar told you that old history and time was over.  The new calendar that has been put up by the Maya says that history is going to go into a place nobody expected, that a new long count is here and that human consciousness can go into an evolved state higher than it’s ever been. Where is that realization? I will tell you, it’s only with the wise ones. And that’s you. You come to a meeting like this to get excited because you hear the facts, you see the physics, you hear the predictions, and you walk out the door and you know, absolutely know that things are different and the shift is here and there’s a chance that humanity will pull out of this faster than you know.

That’s the first thing we ask you to do, but the second thing? Well, it may be backwards, dear ones.  I do that a lot. Even the logic is in a circle. One thing leads to another. One thing builds on another. There are those listening to my voice that still don’t believe it. How are you going to live in a way that’s going to tell others to expect good things are coming; how are  you going to rewrite this past if you haven’t really cognized it; if you don’t believe it? You say, well Kryon, that should have been the first thing. No, I wanted to give you the most profound thing first.
you’re going to have to avoid the ripple
and that can only be done by high consciousness groups of individuals
who arespreading the word in their own way
of a bright future for this planet,

You called yourself a light worker; turn on the light.  You’re going to find moment after moment after moment presented to you [wherein] you didn’t even recognize what you are saying or doing. Or you can turn it around in a benevolent way– and not argumentative– and you can say yes I see the election isn’t that interesting. It’s going to be something different next time. Then after that even next time. You can say is that interesting to watch and see the old energy we never saw before. And now we can start cleaning up. People will walk away saying either. That’s a wise old cheerful person, even if you’re young, or they’ll say that’s a Pollyanna and they walk away and do whatever they wish. It doesn’t matter what they do with that, dear ones, what you do with it. Can you turn things around so that you are a positive speaker? A positive speaker.

Number three, the final. We will use three because this is the catalyst. This is going to be the catalyst. If enough old souls are doing this regularly, it’s going to be obvious to many. What’s going on with them? They are not echoing anymore the drama that’s here. They’re not agreeing anymore that the old energy is is here. Instead, all they are seeing is light. The third thing. How do I tell you this. You’ve heard it before. This won’t be work if you fall in love with yourself. This won’t be work if you fall in love yourself. If you’re with a cheerful person, it’s contagious isn’t it? If you are with a person who is joy and laughter, it’s contagious isn’t it? Who are you?

The prophecies of the old and they didn’t happen.
The’re not; that didn’t happen.
All the time lines that were given to you,
including the end of time with the Mayans is not what took place.
Instead, things are starting to improve.

You have a bright future.
Wait till you see the next wildcard.
It’s not coming until the planet
is clear of expecting the end.