Sunday, May 29, 2016

Who Needs Light : Message from Father God

Message from Father God

" I can confirm, as we have told you through many other beloved channels, that the coming two months will be an enormously important window in many arenas - financial, yes, but also many, many other areas of life will also be massively impacted by the events that now hover on the horizon. The excitement in the air is real. Allow your joyful anticipation to soar. In doing so, you create the slipstream that carries events to completion, and formerly uninvolved observers to come to attention in wonder. " ~ Father

 ..actions that bring pain or suffering have an equally quick reverberation, creating darkness and pain around the one who initiates it.  It is no longer possible to hide from one's actions when those actions are destructive or negative...

This is for the Lightworkers

We are aware that the time passing -  as you await the dramatic and clear evidence that your world is truly changing - seems an eternity for you, although in planetary terms it is hardly a moment. This does not lessen the colossal attainments you are achieving moment to moment during this unprecedented transition.  What you have accomplished in just the past few years is truly miraculous by any standard, and you have done it without much direct information or communication - you have done it by faith and with love.  You are marvelous.  

          "What has lain hidden for so long can no longer be kept hidden, and as more and more of the endemic corruption is exposed it becomes apparent to all sane beings that change is essential. Therefore, change will occur. We have been telling you this for some time now so that you will be ready, and many changes are imminent." ~ Jesus through John Smallman             

     You Too are Part of Our Integrated Network                               
You see, in the higher dimensions, we function as an integrated network, as you might call it.  We are all in constant communication with one another. We are truly One, and we are aware of it at all times.  It is different for you in the lower dimensions, where you must go through your days without such easy reassurance with others across the globe or even around the corner.  Many Lightworkers who are involved in the crucial financial, legal and political programs which will change all your lives have little knowledge of one another.  You have received only a smidgeon of what is truly possible through the information you get from channeled messages and from the growing number of information gatherers who have bravely "gone public" on the internet.