Thursday, April 28, 2016


Excerpts from the message26 Aprill



Mistakes, misunderstandings and false assumptions
develop as long, until a human Being is ready to look
the truth into the face. Which truth? One’s own truth
and the reality, which surrounds him.

What is ahead? 

The miracle of change in the middle of the greatest 
chaos, in the middle of a seemingly secure downfall.
And more and more human Beings prepare themselves for that, 
whereby they turn away from the view of the outer world and 
turn toward the inner world. Gradually things get in order in 
the human hearts; clarity and confidence begin to spread.

In the middle of the greatest upheavals the new human 
consciousness develops and the louder and more warlike 
it gets outside, the more silent and more peaceful human 
Beings become in their hearts.

In these days this process develops tremendous power and 
sets free energies, which are desperately needed for the 
“pole reversal” of the world. Anchors of Light are set and
human souls align toward God and God’s Love.

The Peaceful Warrior
Images of this matrix still spread fear and fright, and it is 
now necessary to strip off these images and to replace them
with images of peace, oneness and Love. At this point we 
begin with our work.
Light warriors wake up, rise up, and show yourself 
to human Beings, because the world expects your deeds!

For those, who centrally help to create the upheavals and 
shape them, it is necessary to attain a high degree of inner 
maturity, which means: to be in peace, to remain in peace, 
and to live in peace.
Only the peaceful warrior can open the floodgates for 
the new human society.

Only the light warrior, who has created the kingdom 
of peace inside, and has entered it, is predestined to 
return unharmed from the upcoming battles. 

It is time that the light warriors of the first and last hour
again turn toward their still open issues without denying 
the outer world.

Yet you do not see well with your eyes, instead with 
a heart freed of all overlaps.
Only those completely purified inside and whose being 
vibrates unconditionally in Love, are capable of going 
ahead of human Beings as a Light.
Only those, who accept the fight, which has been
forced on them, with inner peace, will prevail. 

The triumph over darkness is given to those, who 
have already triumphed over their own darkness.