Friday, April 29, 2016


Before we begin there are a few important things for you to remember.  These are necessary to keep in the forefront of your consciousness as you undergo your ‘upgrade’.
You are loved….even in your most unlovable moments.
You are always supported by The Universe.
You came for a specific purpose. You may not remember our conversation, but all was planned before you arrived.
You knew parts of your Earth plane existence were going to be challenging, however, you chose to come in spite of it.
Play! Your life is not meant to be all seriousness.  Enjoy your happy times when you can.
Know that whatever changes you are and will be going through are truly worth it.
Whenever you feel as if things are becoming too much, breathe! I would say ‘count to ten’, but I know that does not always work. (wink)
Lastly; if it feels as if all else fails, go back to One. ~ Creator