Monday, March 14, 2016

Reality - Events - Hopes

Events - Hopes
We do not wand to mix events-situations,with hopes and wishes.
Events are unfolding in the Now momends,and are considered to be Facts.
Rumors-Hopes are subjected to subsequent validation or negation.It has
to be verified - confirmed,that is evolved ,from  a non-event status ( rumors ),to a true fact..So wait and see...
To be confirmed!
With trust - faith to the Light,and no trust to the adversaries..
If it is true,is more than good news.It is Freedom...and not a bridge to something else,
which so far we are used to it,and usually is taking us, bacwards,instead of forward !!
We are not saying that everything which is coming into the daylight,is a trick of the cabal.
But we can,t forget the level and the extense of the manipulation - deception of the dark ones,which instead of leading us to freedom,let us to almost complete slavery,
If in everyday life,on the stage, what we get is just oppression and compliance,with no changes,as they adverdise for long time,then then we have the right,for the benefit of doubt,about what is happenning behind the veils,and the closed doors...
Some they advice us to use our intuition to conceive or comprechend the upcoming changes.
On this plane,a supposed event,does,not remain on air for long.Either is tranformed to a true fact,within a reasonable time frame,otherwise does not exist.It is simple as that!!