Saturday, February 27, 2016

What is next :‘The Showdown - Falling Apart of Economic-Monetary Lunacy


It is quite obvious that the global economy is collapsing,leading to a deep recession,for which many great economists-not only D.Stockman -are suggesting that could descend  into the worst disaster,humanity ever seen .
Although all the analysis of most economic experts is more than scientifically correct ,is still something missing from the pazzle in order to have a full picture of the events, which unfolds,one after another.The missing factor is not either the stupitidy or incapability of the politicians or the finaciers-bankers,who supposevely are in charge of the show,but the lunacy and immorality which
are hiding within the plans and actions of the criminal gangster,s syndicate,and the secret corporate globalists govermend ,who are the real decision makers,deciding behind closed doors and secret meetings.This is not a conspiracy theory.
It is a well planned  agenda,which unfolds in frond of our eyes very quicly,and step by step..First the National debt crisis,and the distruction of many countries economies,and the resulting financial disaster of millions of people.Now is the negative interest rates imposed by the CB of  some countries after the Davos,with the intention to be applied by the CB of all the western countries!
There is no people of such level of stupitidy,to deposit their own money with the Banks,and instead of being rewarded with plus interest,as it was happening so far,to be panich with negative interest.
The argument used so far by the sluggish represendatives of the corporate globalist of the NWO,IS IN NO WAY CONVINCING AT ALL..
Most of the western countries,not only have big national debt problems,amounded to billions or trillions of dollars or euros,but also are facing banking and capital problems,unemploymend,and low family spending ,because of the recesion of their economies....
So the most possible,because of the allready bad financial conditions,no small or big depositor is going to invest his money in the market or capitalistic cazino,with no positive financial outcome...
It is funny ...but is happening almost in all western countries.....MONEY SAFES desappeared from the markets because of high demand,and certainly is not to be considered as an investment!1!  .
What is coming next?They already declared it through many of their pay off  financial mercenaries.
A cashless economy...and the objective target for the establishmend of the NWO is done!
This Orion monetary model or pattern is already tested by the dark forces and the empire of evil.and applied in other nearby planets,and let first to total enslavement,and afterwards to total destruction.
This is not going to happen here on this planet..because is based totally in self-delluded -mentally retarted-and spiritually deranged personalities of the Cabal..We are going to see their  matrix to fall apart very soon....and they,ll become victims of their own deets  

, .....the real power at the heart of modern crony capitalist finance is being exercised by a small posse of unelected central bankers and their megaphones and acolytes on Wall Street and the other major financial centers. Citibank’s Steve Englander is on the same page of fraudulent finance as his former employer at the New York Fed and the Reserve Board itself.

This cat has the gall to demand that the governments of the world bury themselves even deeper in debt when that’s exactly what they have been doing most of this century?


‘Man-Up’ My Eye——-The Germans Got It Right on G-20 Stimulus…..Nein!

C’mon. This cat has the gall to demand that the governments of the world bury themselves even deeper in debt when that’s exactly what they have been doing most of this century?
‘Man-up’ my eye. What’s needed here is for so-called economists like Dr. Englander to crawl out of the rabbit hole they’ve been in for years on end. Indeed, in his case the rabbit hole apparently started at 33 Liberty Street where he was the New York Fed research director; and then tunneled through the bowels of Barclays, Citibank/Salomon Smith Barney and the OECD.
As they say, Englander has never had a real main street job. Nor has he met a “market” that wasn’t medicated and manipulated by agencies of the state; or that the gamblers and punters he writes for didn’t think should be goosed even more.

In fact, the world is now staggering under $60 trillion of sovereign debt and $225 trillion of total debt. Since the central bankers, finance ministers and IMF apparatchiks now fluttering around in Shanghai have been banging the “stimulus” lever for upwards of two decades, you have to be deep in the rabbit hole to think that what’s needed now is even more of the same.
Just exactly who does he think has any fiscal headroom left?  Would that be Japan, which has public debt at 240% of GDP already; which is still borrowing 40% of what it spends even after last year’s consumption tax increase; and which is fast heading for fiscal/demographic demise as a bankrupt retirement colony?
Japan Government Debt to GDP
In Europe, leave the Germans out of it because they still represent an island of fiscal rationality in a world governed by Keynesian policy apparatchiks such as Jack Lew and Christine Legarde. But then the rest of the eurozone’s debt-to-GDP ratio is well over 100% on average and is fast heading for the fiscal dead-end represented by Italy at 133%.
Needless to say, aging socialist welfare states have no chance of survival with public debt burdens of that magnitude. So who in their right mind could recommend that the EU states get out their fiscal helicopters?  Einstein was not wrong when he called that insanity.
 Italy Government Debt to GDPAnd please do not suggest the United States. The deficit is already heading back up—-from $440 billion last year to a minimum of $600 billion this year—–and will re-cross the trillion per year mark as soon as the impending recession becomes fully formed. In fact, the CBO already assumes $8.5 trillion of incremental national debt under current policies over the next decade; and that assumes no recession, ever!
Just assume that the average nominal growth rate for national income and wages/salaries during the next decade averages the same as the last 15 years. And that would be a real feat given the impending collapse of the Red Ponzi and the tidal wave of deflation rolling through the global economy.
Still, under that assumption you get cummulative deficits of at least $15 trillion and a public debt total of $35 trillion by mid-way in the next decade. Since nominal GDP has been growing at the tepid rate of 2.7% annually since Q42007 and shows no signs of breaking out of that zone, it means that the US debt-to-GDP ratio will  be right up there in the Italian League at 130% by 2025.