Thursday, February 4, 2016

Banksters VS People


People versus the Banks


“The Federal Reserve is an independent agency and that means there is no other agency of government that can overrule actions that we take.”—Alan Greenspan, former chair of the Federal Reserve
“The whole Federal Reserve System was designed to . . . slowly drain the massive wealth of the American people and transfer it to the elite international bankers.—Michael Snyder,


“A great industrial nation is controlled by its system of credit. Our system of credit is privately concentrated. . . . We have come to be one of the worst ruled, one of the most completely controlled and dominated Governments in the civilized world, no longer a Government by free opinion, no longer a Government by conviction and the vote of the majority, but a Government by the opinion and duress of a small group of dominant men.”—President Woodrow Wilson


[The banking Syndicate is a] “giant octopus that seizes in its long powerful tentacles our executive officers, our legislature bodies, our schools, our courts, our newspapers, and every agency created for pubic protection.”—New Your mayor John Hylan writing in the 1920s
“I believe that banking institutions are more dangerous to our liberties than standing armies.”—Thomas Jefferson

Cutthroat oilmen, moneychangers, and despoilers of everything: John D. Rockefeller Sr. and Jr.

As strange as this may sound, one reason for this scandalous state of affairs is . . . the bankers. Long ago, they used their fraudulently- and fractionally-obtained wealth and power to enrich and strengthen themselves even more—and to deliberately undermine the quality and duration of our lives.
James Corbett: [37]
“As Americans . . . wonder how the country became enslaved to the highest healthcare costs in the world, we turn back the pages to look at how the modern medical paradigm came together in the early 20th century, courtesy of the Rockefeller Foundation and their cronies.”
[The healthcare industry came into being] “as a result of a concerted and carefully plotted plan that was laid out generations ago by people with malice of forethought. . . . . By taking over the medical industry in 1910 through studies which he made through the Carnegie foundation, John D. Rockefeller emerged as the kingpin of the medical monopoly in the United States. And he now presided over an allopathic system of medicine, controlled through every legislature by accreditation of hospitals, control of physicians, control of medications and which is essentially what we have today. . . . Interestingly enough, the Rockefellers control every major drug company in the world, and when I say control, I mean directly. ....

“My zeal against those institutions was so warm and open at the establishment of the [privately-owned] Bank of the United States that I was declared a maniac by the tribe of bank mongers who were seeking to filch from the public their swindling and barren gains.”—Thomas Jefferson
William Pitt, Chancellor of the Exchequer, said of the inauguration of the first National Bank in the United States under Alexander Hamilton, ”let the American people go into their debt-funding schemes and banking systems, and from that hour their boasted independence will be a mere phantom.”
“History records that the money changers have used every form of abuse, intrigue, deceit, and violent means possible to maintain their control over governments by controlling money and its issuance.”—James Madison
“If the American people only understood the rank injustice of our money and banking system, there would be a revolution before morning.” —Andrew Jackson, cited in Brown [3, p. 74)
“By an iniquitous money system we have nationalized a system of oppression which, though more refined, is not less cruel than the old system of chattel slavery.” — Horace Greeley, editor, congressman, and presidential candidate
“The Government should create, issue, and circulate all the currency and credits needed to satisfy the spending power of the Government and the buying power of consumers. By the adoption of these principles, the taxpayers will be saved immense sums of interest. Money will cease to be master and become the servant of humanity.” —President Abraham Lincoln

“The issue which has swept down the centuries, and which will have to be fought sooner or later, is the people versus the banks.”—John Acton (1834-1902)
“Unlike Presidents Lincoln, Garfield, and Kennedy, who defied private bankers and were assassinated—Andrew Jackson survived his assassination attempt. . . . Murders of outspoken presidents, who denounced profiteering bankers, have happened too often for them to be explained away as ‘mere coincidences.’”—Jeff Badyna [1, p. 83]
Yes, as through this world I’ve wandered
I’ve seen lots of funny men
Some will rob you with a six-gun
And some with a fountain pen.

And as through your life you travel
Yes, as through your life you roam
You won’t never see an outlaw
Drive a family from their home.—
Woody Guthrie
Summary: A successful revolution against tyrants presupposes familiarity with the tyrants’ arsenal. Earlier articles analyzed a few weapons in this arsenal: Sunshine Bribery, Cloak-and-Dagger, Contrived Terror, False-Flag Operations, Absence of Real Democracy, and the Conspiracy Theory Bogeyman. That massive arsenal, in turn, points to just one promising revolutionary strategy. The present article explores an additional weapon in this stupendous arsenal: banking. To begin with, we live now in an upside-down world of perpetual war, tyranny, injustice, materialism, selfishness, starvation, monstrous income inequalities, and ever-growing prospects of human extinction. But this, by itself, constitutes a paradox, because our planet can comfortably provide a decent life for every soul on it. The chaos and suffering must therefore be traced, at least in part, to our rulers.
The ruling clique controlling the U.S., U.K., and most other countries in the world is probably made up of billionaires, generals, and spooks. The best guess is that, at the apex of the pyramid of power and riches, there resides a handful of banking families (bankers for short) dedicated to an inter-generational project of enslaving, and perhaps even exterminating, humanity. We have been warned repeatedly over the centuries that, sooner or later, humanity will have to wage an all-out war on these villainous bankers. A brief history of Central Banking shows that in their war against us, the bankers have not only relied on mind control, human failings, co-option, sunshine bribery, rigged elections, contrived terror, and false flag operations, but that they often murdered influential opponents and just about anyone else who could possibly impede their project of world domination.
Originally, the bankers acquired wealth through the fractional reserve scam. This in turn gave rise to numerous other scams, hoaxes, and machinations, needlessly dragging us to wars, fascism, poverty, helplessness, massive transfer of wealth from the people to the bankers, declining health, and a probable environmental catastrophe. Our first post-revolutionary act ought to involve the utter, irreversible, disempowerment of the banking cabal and—as the framers of the American Constitution intended—entrusting the vital function of coining and issuing money to none other than the people themselves.

Nor should we believe the usual rationales about spreading democracy, fighting terrorism, providing humanitarian rescue, protecting U.S. national interests and other such rallying cries promulgated by ruling elites and their mouthpieces.
“The repetitious patterns of atrocity and violence are so persistent as to invite the suspicion that they usually serve real interests; they are structural not incidental.”