Sunday, November 15, 2015



...Nothing is happening by coincidence.If it looks like,be sure
that is been designed to look like..!!


..It is not suggested that elected goverments have been awared
about the terrorsts attack in Paris.Certain military fractions,private military operators,mercinaries,faithfull to their masters (not the govermends or people ) and well paid,are using religious fanatics,in order to succeed in implemending their plans ....The raping of women and children by jihadists in Germany or elswhere are destined to provoke...reaction - retaliation...and here we are.A religious war with islam....but first we have marcial law in force!

There is no doubt that behind those monsters of the Paris massacre,is ISIS.
The crucial question is not who gave the orders to these fanatics,but from where the ISIS top head mercinaries got their orders!
1.ISIS was created and funded by sertain midleast - culf nations for one reason.
To overthrow president Assad of SYRIA,after he rejected the Al Nustra countries (Saudi Arabia - Quattar )  plan,to pass through Syria theier new pipeline,as is been decided by their masters( to whom are very faithfull )-at least certain fractions of the military,private military operators etc.
They do not act out  of certain  smal or big military parameters,because they know,that next day they,ll be dead!!  
So .Why now?
Suppose something big is going to happen....
a) like The arrival of Planet X or Nibiru ?(!) in the solar system
b) EMP caused by Sun flares
c) EMP which can be caused by nuclear detonation over certain areas,in which case all electric grids round the globe,shall be shut down.
d)Big earhquake in America, either in Sant Adreas fauld,or Yellow Stone.
e)Finally a Mgnetic Pole Reversal or
h) mini stasis
The question may arises out of these:How all these are connected with the Paris massacre?
Terrorism is serving certain plans,for the accomplishmend of certain major objective targets of the global elites and the secret goverments.One of these objective targets,is the NWO,and one world govermend.
Marcial law is one of the basic prerequisities,in case of something big happens,as mentioned above.In order to face chaos and turmoil,you have to be prepaired to protect your own interests,by all means...and up to the end!! 
Micration crisis,Terrorists,fanatics,and shycopaths,are monitoring  now the enforcemend of marcial law in western countries and may be globally.! 
Does The end of Democracy and the western civilisation as we know it today,is approaching ?

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