Sunday, October 11, 2015

SANANDA : Before Zero Point The last 20 Minutes


...*Many will go to bed in the evening and will wake up in another  body in another world, many will solidify to salt pillars in the  middle of the field and many will not know if they dream or  are awake, while another world is put over this world and this  civilization, as you know it today, will cease to exist – truly: 
from one moment to the next.*...Sananda



Universe is claimed to have emerged from a zero point
or singularity condition, out of a seeming
Void and plenum—a seven dimensional hyperspace

 or ―Eternal Parent Space‖ with 
an underlying fundamental holomovement
or ―Eternal Ceaseless Breath.‖ These primordial
Mother and Father principles are
the basis for the material and spiritual
A Kosmos8 grows from a zero point
source within-without to become a world
and will eventually contract without-within

back to a final zero point—to return into thesevenfold hyperspace of the Divine Mother.

, Blavatsky regarded our
Kosmos as a point center rooted into anunderlying Ceaseless Breath within a Parent

The two primary root principles of creation
are the higher dimensional 

Eternal Parent Space and the Eternal Cease
Ceaseless Breath.
The Stanzas of Dzyan begin before  
the big bang when the world was empty
and void during the ―Nights of Brahma,‖
and the Spirit (Breath) moves across the

face of the Waters (of Space). The Stanzas
then depict the dynamic emergence of a
Kosmos, the dropping of a world egg, the
emergence of the seven divine intelligences
or Luminous Sons, and the unfurling of
varied cosmic processes through different
hierarchies of creation. These abstract causes
and root principles ―phenomenalise in

the form of the material Universe, by a process
of conversion of metaphysics into
physics, analogous to that by which steam
can be condensed into water, and the water
frozen into ice.‖ Blavatsky states, ―metaphysical
abstractions … are the only conceivable
cause of physical concretions.‖9

24. Juni 2015


It is important that you start the last “20 minutes” in this world in such a manner, remain oriented and do not solidify into salt pillars out of fear. The dream shows very clearly what counts: Hold the high vibration and you are protected. This can occur due to two possibilities:

1.) Whereby, in complete silence, you center in 
self and remain connected to the divine or

2.) Whereby, like portrayed in the dream, you join 
together and due to the repetition of God’s name 
you lift yourself into this vibration.

Significant thereby is the basic vibration of a human Being, 
because the transfer to a new world occurs on this basis or 
this transfer must be outstanding and another experience of 
one’s own demise in a going-down world is the consequence.

Meaning, the manifested base vibration of a human 
Being is the actual key for the ascension and it is not 
the sole speaking of a mantra on day X or the calling of 
God’s name in these last all-changing hours.

The last 20 Minutes 
State that “duality”, the polarity quits working and a whole 
world returns to the circle of all Life (the zero), into the nonpolar reality of God’s Love and the Light from All-That-Is. And the 20 minutes state also how quickly this change will be fulfilled.

Many will go to bed in the evening and will wake up in another
body in another world, many will solidify to salt pillars in the 
middle of the field and many will not know if they dream or 
are awake, while another world is put over this world and this 
civilization, as you know it today, will cease to exist – truly: 
from one moment to the next.

Beloved Children of God,
Beloved Siblings from the Light,
Brothers and Sisters of the One who All-That-Is!

Prepare yourself, whereby you work daily to increase 
your base vibration. How? Due to purification work in your
being. Therefore I ask you to aim for a new level of binding 
to the Light and this means to encounter with new attention 
the still existing blockages within you.

Regarding your fears in connection with the downfall of a world,
I ask you to go into deep meditation and to ask the spiritual 
realms of Light for redemption of these fears, which are still 
effective in you.
Repeat this as long until you can perceive that you have 
been freed of these fears.

Fears hinder any progress and always darken the view of what is real. 
Please take the courage, new strength and be resolute 
to look at yourself in God’s Light. Much still needs to be 
redeemed, enough is to be done and much to recognize.

Do not end your work on your own healing prematurely, 
do not prematurely declare yourself as enlightened or as 
fully redeemed. The next phase of healings has reached a 
so far unreached intensity – because everything can be put 
into the Light, everything, which a human Being from the 
bottom of his heart is ready for. This requires your courage 
and the ability to encounter yourself like a detached observer.

Give up ego attachments!
The ego always pulls you into the abyss, 
the self always lifts you and into the Light.

Begin to identify yourself with your nonpolar divine reality
and discard your programming due to your ego – release 
them into the Light, which today flows to you in a day-by-
day increasing frequency. Then everything is done, then
you are well attuned to the last 20 minutes on this earth
and you are optimally prepared.

6 Billion Human Beings

JJK: 6 billion human Beings will die?
SANANDA: This “ballpark figure” means that this many 
human Beings cannot participate in the ascension into 
the 5th dimension of All-That-Is and will still seek further 
experiences in lower vibrating worlds, before they will be 
fulfilled. Nobody dies, everything transfers into another form, 
because it is true: This world will be renewed in all aspects 
and new worlds develop, which will take on the old energies
of this world, so that those, who today, here and now, did
not want to realize, may do so at a given time.

Everything and everyone is cared for, do not worry, even 
if the events of transformation on this planet are of 
immeasurable force, everything always occurs in God’s care.
Also the godless ones are cared for, also those, who have
devoted themselves to darkness, they will grow due to 
these events and will receive new insights.
Only care about your own perfection.
There is still time, human Beings can still receive the 
garment of the Light, because truly: God’s Grace works 
until the end of all days.

I am amongst you