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A reminder: The GRID is GOING DOWN.... you can get dates from your guides but you do not need them... PLEASE look closely at your life and figure out for yourself where you live and your climate,,,, you will need when power is down.... A couple years ago one of our members after a monster SNOW storm in the North Eastern US OF A in Winter for 11 days without POWER. Even your water may be on power...... THINK IT THRU, for you are going to live it.. . Here is a reminder via the piece recently from Mother Mary thru Shelley- Kim. Some of you are assuming this power outage would be part of 3DD and think you don't have to worry.... Think again and listen within to hints that come your way.

Your guides are blasting them at you. I AM NOT going to lead a discussion in this and this is not the time to run yet again another survival thread while you are busy not preparing your survival/reasonable comfort during your service....... WASTE of your time, put it where it belongs, your time.. We are on purpose for many reasons NOT giving a date or a duration...YOU GET WHAT YOU NEED or NOT.

Enough wondering what is going to happen when. BE READY.... As I posted the other day I have at least a months water, if our water requires electric pumping... or is filthy and unusable and I am ready for cold nights if I can't run the furnace.... GET WITH IT. I can sleep in my south bedroom and let it heat during the day and if necessary my oil lamp can provide some at night. Think of everything that will NOT run without electricity... If you are fortunate enough to have a generator,,, that will run and most emergency places have them. The question of course is enough fuel for them.

Man at this time needs separation from the TV,, his cell phones,,, all other distractions of this sort so he can be at least some of the time, alone with the God within. HIMSELF.

Mother Mary - A Few Comments

thru Shellee-Kim

9 September 2013

Remember, your world will go into an emergency, crisis situation for a number of weeks. And there will be great disarray and confusion amongst the masses. Hence the need for all globalwide to prepare as best they can.

Our rainbow warriors of Light will be expected to go into whatever action is necessary and required in the moment – be it the answering of questions in a clear, simple, concise manner, being an extra pair of hands on the ground to assist in distribution of goods or taking a public podium to speak more officially and as opportunities arise.

You will all be kept mightily busy and it will appear as if there are a never ending series of tasks and demands placed upon you by others to attend to. As well as in your own lives. What we speak of here are the preliminary introductions born of the chaos your world is to know now, BEFORE the 3DD set in.

Priority is to keep as cool a head as possible in your specific circumstances you will be facing. And ask, ask, ask for your angels, guides, CM’s and Source’s assistance and protection throughout the many moments of your days. And even as you go about the Father’s business in service to aiding and uplifting the many others around you that will need it.

There are also to be numerous assignments given now that are part of the plan of some of you that will be kicking in for practical purposes. Due to the power grid going down, many of you will now also be tested in ways as yet untested. We see this as a wonderful learning curve. Particularly as your reliance on your inner voice and connection to Source may grow ever stronger.

This, you will see, will be a blessing in disguise. Even if perhaps not recognized in that moment as being such.

Too many of you have suffered from an ostrich-head-in-the- sand syndrome. And it is this that will bring on the worst of the shock. So do be prepared to deal with those suffering in this way.

This is all for now.

Your beloved and ever-loving Mother Mary