Sunday, September 27, 2015




Tarkted Message

Its Time to Let Go and Let God
By Candace
Oct 1, 2015 - 11:21:28 PM

Dearly Beloveds ... my brothers and sisters in God who occupy the dark side........ This is a final conversant from me to you.. about the options which could play out... You know already of the evacuation which cannot be read here besides your other sources and you know the Magnetic Reversal MUST happen and that you cannot prevent it nor delay it. The Mother's body must clease so that it can better accept the energies of the WAVE.. the Father indwelling.. the conversion to spirit. I need not say more on that.

What I am suggesting is a small change to the scenario.. since you can do nothing anyway.... and that is to LET GO AND LET GOD. LET US WORK. YOU KNOW WHO I AM... its been publically stated now. You know the beautiful energy that manisfested in mine and Rosie's trip to Korea. You know their roles.. you had people in attendence at all the events. You have seen the power of those people of Team AH there in action.

Why so much resistance when you cannot "win".. except you see.. You CAN win if you let Go and Let God and thus let US do the work.. its a very win win situation for us all. I know you are not happy about Enlil's return to the Light.. he is doing well. He is in Joy. You can have that joy....

You KNOW that this new program of renewal over 15 years is not something you can carry why is it approved by the UN at this point? WE CAN DO IT HOWEVER MOSTLY IN YOUR 15 suggested years. You cannot even start it on this over populated sick world. YOU KNOW THAT...YOU cannot reduce the population in your ways.. We can by providing NEW places aboard ship and on other worlds.. including Venus. Without WAR and KILLING.. GOD's WAY.. Education and MOVING. EVERYONE on EARTH is a refugee at this point. WE KNOW HOW TO SERVE THE REFUGEES OF EARTH in full compassion.

YOU KNOW THE AXIS SHIFT IS COMING. A good sized one in fact and that will put another big damper on your plans. WE gave YOU a lot of financial carrots over the years to develop this internet on which I write to you and upon which people can be actually educated and who are coming to know other people on the globe thru it.

THESE ARE YOUR PEOPLE....Why would you choose to continue to do it in your way.. in this coverup... in which you know you are covering up... to the people whom have been in your care? No matter why you have brought the Pope here... and there are all those rumors... it is generating an amazing amount of Good Will.

Now what is this benefit to YOU to LET GO AND LET GOD.... well its huge.. because in the letting Go each of you involved making that choice... can participate IN WHAT IS TO COME and Grow that which you actually are and have forgotton....Sons of the Father. YOU CAN LOVE AGAIN. YOU CAN participate in the expansion here and eventually over into the neighboring Andromeda Galaxy. You can be a valuable part of the process. Why would you throw away such a grand opportunity? Such IS the love and the mercy we offer to you.

LET GO AND LET GOD......and thus find HIM and KNOW HIM in yourselves. This is my final offer unto you.. From this position I hold now known publically to this world ... I offer you to COME HOME BELOVEDS... DO IT. Join with us. Let us take you in our arms. Instead of a harsh few months dumped onto YOUR people of this world.. Choose US and let US show the world. We can greatly lessen that chaos coming. I eagerly await your answer. 

I AM THAT I AM. AMEN brothers....