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This overview has to do with the following factors,which in one way or onother,are defining the fate and destiny of Humanity at end times :
2.ID Split
3.MPR (Magnetic Pole Reversal)
4.Mini Stasis

In linear time, time is perceived as Past - Presend - Future .
In circular time,everything exists within the NOW.Past - Presend - Future are embodied with the qualities of the Devine and the Eternal.Light Beings in higher Dimensions can be awared of both past and future at the same time in the Now.
The main factors involved , are those which are effecting or co-producing the final outcome which is none else than the fate and destiny of Humanity and Planet Earth!
These interconnected -interrelated  factors could be defined as follow:
1.Ascension of Gaia and Humanity.The shift to the next higher level of existence or field of experience..

Ascension is considered to be a state of conciousness and not a new location!It is the final stage of an inner, step by step,  journey and the arrival at the sacret-silend place at the top of the mountain.
Innne Self - multidimensionality

-The Ascension process,is one of the means of accomplisment of the evolving and expanding Devine perfection,and manifestation of The Creator,s Dream,within time and space.-
  -Ascension is the chifting of human conciousness, both in personal and collective level,to Christ Conciousness,and therefore the new higher field of experiense,is the new higher state of Human - Christed conciousness.-

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  One basic rule in the ascension process, is that Negativity, can not ascend!Without mastering the mind, mental - emotional and  the physical body,is not possible for enybody to ascend.
This lead us to the second factor:

2. ID Split

Fundamentals of Multidimensionality

...*Where you stand.that,s where you go!*.. Sananda

...*The Creator,in His infinite Love and Grace,created worlds and worlds,to provide a new and better home for everybody,in order to continue his life journey and spiritual evolution,according to their level of spiritual evolution.*...Asana Mahatari (Saint Germain).
Light quotient- light plus or minus -  is the quality element of where you stand and where you go.
Light quotient definition : 
 Light quotient may be defined to describe the characteristic of a sentient soul, its capability, in containing, absorbing, or having light transparency
Light is composed of divine particulates [other than the mass-less photons that give it energies], which constitute the units of consciousness imparted on a sentient entity.

Consciousness is everything

Consciousness, therefore, may be quantified by these units of consciousness that serve to endow the sentient soul with an inherent the quality that may be referred to as ‘light quotient.’
So, although the cosmos is dynamic, utterly changing, our consciousness has a static, discrete characteristic at its fundamental level.
The flashing rate of consciousness [or light quotient] is synonymous with the concept of frequency.

The universe as a conscious hologram-revised

On these newly created worlds,there should be no limitations,veils,boxes,or any kind of restrictions(matrix) which could or should prevend the individual or collective spiritual evolution,under the quidance of the spiritual Hierarchy.
This scenario is considered to be within the ascension process of Humanity,as multidimensional  beings,following Eath,s shift to 5th Dimension, the shift of our Milky Way Galaxy,and the new orbit within the center of our Universe.Following the Devine Plan as is been degreed by The Father-Creator,this Mother Planet,the jwel of Christ Michael Universe,is destined  to be relocated,with the final destination,the Center of The Multiverse.!

Holographic multidimensionality 3

The ruling cabal and their minions ,who continues and are still in denial, within their self-dillusion,they will find themselves victims of their own plans and actions.They will descend or fall into a much lower 3D world,with much more intensive conditions and higher density,in order to get their lessons and pay their karma,for their deets,during the times of separation from the Onennes. 
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3.Magnetic Pole Reversal (MPR).