Friday, April 3, 2015



By Christ Micahel and El-A-MAH
Apr 2, 2015 - 1:15:45 PM
You were created to be FREE. Freedom is your birthright. It is the elevated state of being.
As cycles are replaced by new experiences, the old must be ventilated to allow for the awakening of new revelations, certain to liberate the misinformation which creates obstructions to the flow of truth.

Your value as human beings does not lie in versions of truth deliberately directed to undermine the GLORY of your inherent nature. The corpuscles of your divinity are inalienable and cannot be divorced from the living expression of your human nature.
You are IN LIGHT evermore. This is the recognition of truth to be used to restore the memory of a LIFE IN LIGHT. The shadows of unhealthy choices collect and singe the record of your memory diverting your attention from the RADIANCE of TRUTH.

When you apprentice yourself to TRUTH the radius of your understanding expands. New realities dawn to alleviate the morose repetition of unconsciousness which allies you to ‘derived attitudes' purposed to unhinge you from the AUGUST expression within you.
You curtail your personal FREEDOM when you allow yourself to be blinded by the erroneous rhapsody of old dialects- meaning, teachings of old. The truth is covered up and the surface vision (that which appears on the surface) sits like welts which present wounds to truth.

There is need to E -RADICATE and E-LIMINATE that which is poised at the surface in order to IR- RADIATE and IL-LUMINATE true vision.
You seek TRUTH to have HOPE yet HOPE cannot contain the LIFE OF TRUTH. Truth is marshalled by its own cognisance. It knows itself as the current which eternalises LIFE.
It does not breed despair or create disharmony or fear. It revels in the unfolding of LIFE which honours your FREEDOM.
You were gifted with the will to freely choose your decided path. In your bid to experience life you assumed reckless thoughts and paved your consciousness with unruly works garnered by the SUBJUGATORS of LIFE. The cruel expressions (teachings) which stole from you your freedom still imprison you today, as your mind cannot erase the unworthiness of the lessons firmly seated in your consciousness.
Life after life you show preference for repeating the same patterns which disable your freedom and keep you locked in the sinews of controlled thinking. You are fearful of shifting your gaze to a position of enlightenment for you hold in your consciousness a FEAR OF YOUR INHERENT POWER .You have been taught that you have NO POWER, and that POWER lies outside of you. So what do you do? You bow to the external; you underestimate your presence in life; you feed on the fodder of cultivated expressions, condensed to abbreviate the TRUTH. You limit your own abilities to reason and determine what TRUTH is. You fish for truth in a sea of lies and call your ‘CATCH' truth. Your perspectives are mild mannered (through copying views of others) and without the vibrancy of enthusiastic discovery through independent exploration.
You want to be FREE of PAIN, SUFFERING, SIN, SHAME, GUILT, POVERTY, LIMITATIONS AND RESTRICTIONS, yet you invest your intellect in teachings which keep you shackled to the very things you seek to be free from.
You choose to bear the CROSS of PAIN, SUFFERING, SIN, SHAME, GUILT, POVERTY, LIMITATIONS AND RESTRICTIONS in spite of the teachings which tell you that you are WHOLE, PERFECT, COMPLETE and ABUNDANT- made in the image of the DIVINE and capable of upholding the LIGHT of CAUSE to create a HEAVENLY LIFE in your world.
You pray to a GOD outside of self as though you are disempowered to use the virtues of your inner LIGHT to free yourself, or deliver unto self thy desires.
You remind yourself yearly that you are FREE of sin, through the act of sacrifice the Christ made in serving you, by giving up His life in order to forgive your sins which secured for you eternal life. So, the CROSS that the Christ bore was more than a tangible object- it was in fact YOUR SINS.
He bore your Sins, and died that you may be FREE. Arguably, the Cross could therefore be seen as a symbol of your FREEDOM purchased by the blood of the Christ. The question remains- ARE YOU FREE? Do you feel FREE? Are you free of sin? If the answers are NO, then why do you hold on to the CROSS? You cannot therefore truly believe that through the crucifixion of the Christ you were made free.
It is a comfort to say the words and even allege your belief in it. It is not however reflective of your true state of consciousness. For, were it true, you would be FREE to experience an inward heaven on this earthly journey. Eternity is not beyond you; your current life is a marker in the vast experience of eternity. It is taking place within eternity which exists in the Present.
Why do you need the symbol of the CROSS to remind you of God's unconditional love for you? Love is an energetic experience, observed through the interrelatedness of all and understood through the feeling of connectivity with the HOLY ONE resident within you. You are the embodiment of LOVE through the GRACE of the LIVING LIGHT in you. This is where un conditionality lies. It is not on the CROSS.
You recall with misgiving the Crucifixion, and re enact the expressions of that time which is attended by remorse, regret and sadness. You are on the one hand plunged into lower frequency emotions, yet on the other buoyed by the promise of the resurrection. In which do you find your freedom?
The resurrection should tell you that if the Christ could not die, then neither could you. You always had the right to eternal life. It is yours for the choosing. He came to set an example of TRUTH, to teach that you did not have to use sin as your instructor BUT simply accept yourself as a son/daughter of GOD as He is, claim your Sovereignty and move into alignment.
Your sins do not condemn you to a HELL that God created. Your sins are committed through your choices for which there are consequences directed through the energetic workings of Universal law. You create your own prison guarded by Guilt and Shame. Hell is the aftermath which can play out itself in myriad ways of YOUR CHOOSING.
Prise yourself away from the CROSS, from that which belittles your understanding. Take a fresh look, unhindered by observed truth, and pray inward for revelation. The passage of time does not wilt TRUTH, neither does it make credible, UNTRUTH.
Empty the vessel of your consciousness of your beliefs, and with sincere longing petition the God within to direct you to the truth, which will once and for all secure your FREEDOM.
Remember, that Freedom is first and foremost a state of mind, and that which upholds your FREE STATE can only be TRUTH.