Monday, February 9, 2015

"Defy Us And We Will Destroy You" : 7 Terrifying Warnings That The Greek Disaster Is Now Set To Catapult The World Into A Global Meltdown

Why The Public’s Faith In Western Central Planners Is About To Collapse
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Greek cisis is a game-changer for the entire world:

KWN Leeb VII 2:3:2015

Today Greece has rejected bailouts ahead of the emergency meetings, Alan Greenspan has now predicted the collapse of the euro and the Greek Finance Minister has also warned that the euro will collapse if Greece exits! With that chaotic backdrop, below are 7 terrifying warnings that the Greek disaster is now set to catapult the world into a global meltdown.  These 7 crucial warnings all indicate that this crisis now has world heading toward a catastrophic outcome.

Below are the 7 terrifying warnings that the Greek disaster is now set to cataput the world into a global meltdown:
"Defy Us And We Will Destroy You"
King World News -- Paul Craig Roberts - EU And Banksters Threaten: "Defy Us And We Will Destroy You"
Tsipras stated that the new Greek government does not intend a “catastrophic clash” with its creditors, only an acceptable amelioration of the unreasonable conditions imposed on Greece, in order that Greece can give some satisfaction to its private bank creditors and also avoid social, political and economic instability in Greece.
The warning from the EU and Wall Street is clear: Defy us and we will destroy you.!
Greece is battleground being fought between the East and the West.  Whoever wins that battle will end up in a power position in Europe.  What you are seeing play out right now is a major battle in a new World War between the East and the West.
KWN Leeb I 2:3:2015
Trouble For Merkel And Germany
People don’t understand how quickly this situation could spell trouble for Merkel and Germany.  A recent article in the most recent Foreign Affairs pointed out that the German people by and large look East rather than West.  You have to remember, Eric, that the Germans were the last people to agree that there had to be sanctions against Russia when the Russians took over the Crimea.
World War III
What we are talking about here is World War III.  You have a battle for worldwide economic hegemony.  This war over Greece is incredibly important.  Whoever wins control of Greece will have a huge tactical advantage in Europe.  The West is at a distinct disadvantage here because the Russians are planning to put in the pipeline that will extend all the way up to the Balkans — the same is true for the planned Chinese high-speed rail system.
KWN Leeb VII 2:3:2015
Global War Raging For Economic Hegemony
This is not just an issue of Greece falling out of the euro.  It’s not just an issue of that $300 billion that Greece owes the rest of these European banks.  This is an issue of who wins the first real battle for economic hegemony in the world.  Greece is that that battleground right now.
In a way the outcome in Greece is far more important than what happened in Crimea.  It’s far more important that almost anything we’ve seen up to this point.
Entire World Now Watching Greece

Why The Public’s Faith In Western Central Planners Is About To Collapse
Greek cisis is a game-changer for the entire world:
Super-Rich And Serfs
This is the “New Democracy.” It is a resurrection of the old feudal order. A few super-rich aristocrats and everyone else serfs obliged to support the ruling order. The looting that began in Greece has spread into Ukraine, and who knows who is next?
..So there is the potential for the ultimate disaster here if the West is stupid and arrogant enough not to bend.  That would mean the unraveling of the European Union and of NATO — the ultimate black swan.”
Chaos, Disarray And Outright War
King World News - Events Now In Motion That Will Create Worldwide Chaos And Massive Problems For Mankind
I would also add that it’s no longer just a currency war — instead it’s outright war.  The central banks have exhausted all of their tools, including quantitative easing.  This is why depreciating the currencies is the last move.
Meanwhile, the troika has drawn a red line with the Greeks and Greece has already crossed it.  Now the question is:  What happens?  Well, if Greece walks it challenges the entire structure of the European Union.  This would mean complete chaos and disarray.  
A Greek default would send shockwaves through Europe’s already beleaguered banking system.  And this is at a time when we already have bank runs going on in Greece.  What happens if this erupts in the rest of the European banking system?
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