Thursday, January 1, 2015

Searching for Balance for 2015


...*Within the devils criminal mind conceptual  matrix,the meaning of stupitidy dos not exist.Everything they do is considered  to be beyond any idea of rightdoing or wrong doing.!!.Their manifesting force is NEUTRAL!It,s just Is!! Neither intelligent or stupit!!*...

Lies is the mixing of the obvious with the non- obvious, resulting to a Sophestry construct.
 Sophestry is the alchemy of a corrupted mind.

Sophestry has the ability to portray the right as wrong,the evil as good,the black as white,the curse as a blessing.But has not the ability or the potential,to transform the temporary into permanent.
The constructive elements of the faulse reality are falling apart,and the total collapse is a matter of time.The real face of the monster is revealed,and so its intentions.
Finally, they found themselves entrapped by their own plans..and there is no way out.
They will be victims of their own actions..with no possibility to act or respond accordingly!!
Doom and boom,up and down is finished,,,,

We agree with all the observations ,and conclusions  of Dr. Paul Graig Roberts,The Saker,and Larchmonter,in respect of the declared war by the USA ,Warmonkers,the corporate criminal Banksters synticate,and their puppets politicians in Wachighton DC.against Russia and China.
We agree also that president Putin-a grand master chess game player-underestemated both the hostile intentions,and the agendas of these warmongers criminals,and their Europian puppets-vassals in Brussels.The fact is,that within the EECommunity ,there is a titanic struggle,bettween the forces,which blindly followes the agendas of Wachighton,s corporate mafia syndicate,and the opposing ones,who recognises  that behind this USA plans,one of the main targets is EUROPE ,and not only Russia and China .

In case of counter measures from Russia,against the US - EEU sanctions,the first victim of the tragic consiquences,should be Germany,and the other EEC countries.
Within the devils criminal mind conceptual  matrix,the meaning of stupitidy dos not exist.Everything they do is considered  to be beyond any idea of righdoing or wrong doing.Their manifesting force is NEUTRAL!It,s just Is!! Neither intelligent or stupit!!

One factor which is not taken into consideration is,-we may call it- ,X factor.This inclutes the direct involvemend of OFF-World Beings,like the Orion Rptelians(Archons),and the Geys or Zeta Reticulus,who could be considered as the Evil masters,of the Wormongers stooges in America. 
On the side of the opposing, this criminal mafia syndicate, forces,are standing All forces of The Good Guys,beyond our perception.So this battle is not any more,a battle bettween the USA corporate mafia syndicate,and Russia- China.It is a Universal battle bettween Evil and Good,bettween Light and Darkness.Because they already crossed the line with their criminal agendas,they are face to face,not only with Arch.MICHAEL,but also with (CHRIST MICHAEL Legions- CABRIEL Celestial forces  )
....*The unity of the Bear and the Dragon reduces the crazed neoconservatives’ dream of “an American century” to dangerous nonsense. As Larchmonter puts it, “The US and NATO would need Michael the Archangel to defeat China-Russia, and from all signs Michael the Archangel is aligned with the Bear and its Orthodox culture. There is no weapon, no strategy, no tactic conceivable in the near future to damage either of these rising economies now that they are ‘base pairs.*’”

 We agree with the observations about the use of the economic mass destruction warfare,in a All out win-loose war game,by the forces of evil in Wachighton,but not for the possibilities of a nuclear war.
1.A nucliar war can cause total destruction to all forms of life,with the possibility of all life,s extinction on Earth.
2.It has been proven beyond any doubt during the wwii and the nucliar desaster of Hirosima and Naghasaki,that this caused destructive results to other DIMENSIONS and not only to the life on Earth.This fact led by itself to Devine intervention,and God Himself degreed that in no way nuclear warfare should be allowed to be used again.
3.The threats by the forces of evil to use nuclear warfare for acheving their unholy objective tarkets, to enslave permanently Humanity,had also as a result,the engagemend on this End Times game ,forces beyond our perception,after instructions given by Souce.Because a basic Universal law-the law of non intervention-is no longer in force.The evil grossed the line by violating the law of free will,by using direct force for implementing their agenda. 
4.The forces which opposed the warmongers in the West,are given a high advanced warfare tecnology beyond imagination,in order to keep the balance,and leave the evil ones,to their path of self destruction. 
In their self dellusion they see only victories instead of defeats.They see their ultimate failure as a succes,and are anable to conceive,that they are sinking within their own darkness,and into their final destination.

Into the abyss of oblivion.