Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Politicians :If You can,t Beat them Join Them in Partnership !!!


..Political definition of *people* : People means too many.Too many...means nobody!!!
It is a war by different means and
with other weapons. Because the
politicians have declared war to their
voters and the media has declared
war to their readers!
They are victims of this political arbitrariness, at the mercy of the corporations; and our politicians continue to increase their power.

The virus of Dishonesty and Corruption

Otto  Bismarck Sait :If a leader is less intelligent , or more stupid than his people, then he has no place in politics, and he has to go home or in prison,if it is proved, that he had caused, in any way, damage to public interests.  
Since people rentered its power to them, they consider themselves to be beyond any idea of being honest or dishonest.
They spit their voters directly on the face, by challenging both their intelligence patience and courage.
They f....k their people, their state,their Nation
completely, by stealing and destroying everybody and everything, and then they ask for unity(!) between the victims and the thiefs, in order to find the stolen money and the thiefs! 


It seems rather a tradition in resend times,some politicians,to betray their citisens and voters.It is also very heronic.The same people who ,with their votes,gave them the power to control their fate and destiny.!
In their opinion,they owe nothing to the people.But they owe a lot to the corporate syndicates and the banksters instead!!The concept of (people) has very abstract meaning....Too many...means nobody!!
On the other hand,the corporate mafia syndicates,have certain and identifiable faces,in case they sponsor certain politicians election,s campaigns. When they give something,always they ask something in....return.!!The last years,these master minds in corruption,they don,t ask from the politicians,something in exhange.They asked from the corrupted politicians,...everything.And everything was given to them,with one condition ! Partnership !!
Now the political system,at least part of it,became unseparate -interconnecting part of corruption and distruction.The criminal,s hunters, found themselves in the shadow worlds,hunting  themselves(!) and......the people!!!