Friday, January 23, 2015

FROZEN IN TIME : Where you stand is where you go.


Frosen in Time!
Where you stand is where you go.
Until the last moment!
Targeted Messages
Jan 21, 2015 -
The Hard Way is the Dark Way

Dear "Thugs"... awful Obami speech  last night. Who on earth wrote that thing.. he didn't.   Do you comprehend that the RIGHT WAY to do things is ALWAYS not only the best way.. but also the EASIEST Way because there is no back peddling,arse covering and groaning from mistakes made that sometimes cannot be fixed.  We stand ready to help but you don't prefer to MIND GOD with your MINDS.... Look at what you have done... can you see it?  It is much harder to backpeddle than do it RIGHT.  If you actually do "win" the planet and you cannot because she WILL throw you off.... what would you do with all that you thought you won?  What will you have to show for it?  And solution to all those finance problems chasing you is to give up finance in the first place.  NO MONEY is the way to go working in partnetship with all.  All eat this way.. all the right techology gets developed and a planet doesn't get destroyed.  MONEY IS FAKE. IT IS NOT REAL.. THE MINDED EFFORTS at Doing the BEST ARE WHAT IS REAL.  WHERE ARE YOU GOD GIVEN MINDS?  ABSENT.  Just my rant for the day.... Candace

    When God given minds they put an umprela!

How did the western civilisation(?) succeded to pikup,create and unfold so much darkness into the lifes of people?
How did the western world succeded to gather together all the devil,s minds,and anleashed all darkness,into the rest of this world,
in the name of freedom,although they impose slavery instead?
Are they so clever or we are blind and stupit to see it?
There is a huge amount of dark energy disharged upon the western world, through the financial and social chaos, created by the western elite or mafia syndicate,who are running the neocons show,in an effort to establish the NWO.
Some of the western leaders seems to be very proud for their achievements,either in economic or social life. Are they so proud for their achievements, or are proud for their ability to shit their fellow citizens,and  presend their complete failure as a success, destruction as evolution, and chaos as creation!!
It is very obvious that the Obama regime , in a joined effort with some of the  American politicians, are running the show.They lead with a mandate from the shadow minds (Others,) behind the veils, with very dark intentions and agendas for the people around the world..We  don,t know from where these people came from(some they know exactly),and why they hate humanity so much...or why they enjoy so much to produce misery and people.It seems that their energy field is fueling by the darkest emotions,created ...
Why they think and act that way.? Because they have been created to think and act that way....somewhere. And they try to do their job, the best way they can. They don,t  care about you , because they are not like You. Although they look like you from outside,there is a big difference on the inside.
They are imitators of love,and they have no idea ,what compassion is! For them is just a play. To win. Why are so persistent in winning?Because they know the prophecies, and they know their fate and destiny. They believe they can change their fate and blackmailing, and threatening, of eliminating You from the face of the Earth,and also themselves!
  We live in a 3 dimensional world or field of experience....just
a little bit above the animal world.The lower level of the spectrum.We are a small planet in the outskirts of the milky way galaxy,among billions of other, more advanced inhapited planets and worlds,dwelling bettween 3rd  and 12th dimension!
How the hell,they expect to win,when they already lost the game,long ago,within the Devine Intelligence?
Anything they do is destined,within the mind of God,to fuel the
ascension process,and the transition to the 4th and 5th dimension and beyond!Everybody goes where he stands!

When the wave reach the planet,and the essense of life is set to the standstill or pause mode,....
then, when they wake up,they will find themselves thrown out,into another unknown world,surrounded by people of their own kind....and they can kill each other in eternity,untill
nobody is left.It seems they know nothing,what a hostile enveroment is,within,the time is moving
very-very slow....and matters not if they succeed to wake up,and find the way to turn their light on.
That,s why ,never is too late,...until the last moment.