Wednesday, December 24, 2014

The empire,s death wish for self-destruction.! -2-

Those who do not want to see...they can,t see!
Those who do not want to hear...they can,t hear !
They are by choice blind and deaf!
They create their own  ground for self-destruction
and ....demise.

19 December, 2014 16:21

O ye of little faith! Have I not shown you wonders? Yet you do not believe! (Putin bangs head on wall)

The empire struggles while Russia goes from strength to strength. The reversal in Cuba policy is because of the Empire's decline. Obama is also agenda setting because he knows he has trouble with the upcoming Congress.

This confirms that Putin's policy in this confrontation is not only absolutely correct; Putin is a GrandMaster Genius Chess Player (GGCP)<&reg>

Putin's policy is to wait out the attacks and not commit any significant firepower either to defense or attack until the situation clears. This is brilliant for a number of reasons:1. The empire's own house is in shambles and the attack may collapse on its own anyway.
- There is a new Congress in january. This is a major wild card as Obama maybe forced to focus entirely on domestic policy (impeachment?). This would be the time for Russia to conunter. Softly! softly!
- There is a titanic struggle between realists and neocons in the admin. Hence the departure of Hagel. There maybe more high profile departures. Why reveal your strategy now when Obama has a momentary respite. Wait till he is in domestic battle!
- The US presidential campaign is about to begin. This will absorb much of the empire's energy. Give it time to tie them up in knots.
2. The Empire's Syria/Mideast policy is in a shambles (are they fighting or supporting ISIS?) That will undermine their attack on Russia. Why not let things get worse for the empire, before you make your move?
3. Assad is winning, Turkey is in revolt. Let these problems mature some more.
4. EU sanctions come up for renewal in march. Why attack before then. Southern Europe should be in open revolt or repression by then.
5. The winter freeze has yet to reach its apex, it should by March. Why not let the Ukinazi struggle on the hook till then? They may just die.
6. Low oil prices are hurting the West as well i.e UK industry plus powerful western oil companies (Exxon?) already smarting from sanctions. They will be undermining the empire's attack from within. Let them work.
7. Finally, this battle has just began. The Empire is in decline but is, for the moment, far more powerful, in economic and geopolitical terms than Russia. Russia is strengthening. Why meet their frontal attacks with a "frontal" defense? Better to avoid direct battle and wait for them to weaken and you to strengthen.

For all these reasons, the best thing for Russia to do right now is wait. A forceful response from Russia right now will simply unite the Empire and stunt the growth of forces within the empire which oppose or weaken its attack on Russia.

At the same time if Putin attacks the 5th column now, this will divide Russia while rallying the empire to the defense of its agents. It will also have zero effect in terms of making the immediate situation better for Russia. Not even Glaziev at the Russian Central bank could have stopped the attack on the ruble this week!

How many people here including Saker thought that the appropriate response to Yanukovych's ouster was a Russian invasion of Ukraine. Putin was right on that score, no? Putin is even proving to be right on the issue of a federated Ukraine. Every passing day brings more Donbass acceptance of the idea.

Putin Rules!