Friday, December 12, 2014

No Place to Hide - No Place to Go


No power can stand against the power of God.
There should be no above or below.
There should be no line to stand,either left or right.
And... there should be no place to hide or to escape.
When your breath is freezed,you ,ll be quided to the
Abyss of oblivion.In Eternity.
Evil shall be vanished from the face of the Earth.
And....there is nothing you can do.* a.m
*The black Gods will ossify in their own projections
and they will succumb to the fear, which they created.
So it is destined, in Eternity.
The forces of evil are totally left to themselves;
in a world they never wished to enter into.*Sananda

Entrust and welcome the Judgment Day;
and see how the chaff separates from the
wheat for a last time. In Eternity."

 Each human Being will be reached where he stands,
will be picked up from where he is and will be motivated there for further insights, where they are possible.*  Babaji.

And well be who has rejected the illusion of transience,
And who has accepted his reality in God as the All-One-Truth.
All is said.Everything is done.*  Sananda