Monday, November 17, 2014

The Fatal Atraction of The Demonic Entities For Human Race.

.They hate all human beings from the very beginning,and all the way up to now.
They despite everythig which is coming directly from God,everything it reminds them,or represends God.They serve only,they know only,they worship only,the evil masters.

They say that they serve God,s plan..It is a lie.A big lie.They don,t know,and they don,t wand to
know God.Why ?
Because they do not accept the laws of God,and they do not accept the authority of God.
Above all they concider themseves as Gods!!
Their transformation from sirial cannibals to gods(!) is their ability to mass killing and mass

This ability is founded within a totally distorted amoral, mental, and mind perception of life,
which in turn disables any possibility of connection to any sort of devine conciousness.

So they do not know the meaning of love-compasion-andersdanting.They know and undersdand only hatrace,and matters not, how difficult is for us to accept it.

They look humans, but they are not.The most possible they are not either from this
the fallen ones from the Anunakis.Others have been created with the potentials ,not to create, but to distroy life only.,based on Lucifer,s perception of creation -evolution within smaller or limited Box.Within this concept, is the creation - evolution, out of the Devine Template.Meaning the creation by deducting the second aspect of God -Love-from the Creative Devine Template.
The Father,s Love and the Son,s mercy,which envelops, from the boddom to the top, all creation,are the motivating sacret elements,for the evolving and expanding Devine Intelligence.
Imagine a world without the Qualities of the Father and the Son,which are within all creation.

If these qualities are completely non-presend, then the force behind everything, is transformed to
a destructive and limiting faulse power,leading to uncreation.To death instead of life!!
The real power of the Father and The Son is expanding and evolving within the Infinite and Eternity.
The faulse power of these inhuman  entities,,is turning around,or reverse,within their own individual cucoost nest,transforming human life into a prison,and living hell!