Monday, November 10, 2014

More Signs “It Has Begun!”: Polar Vortex and ...more.



With the USA now in the bullseye of a MASSIVELY WICKED cold weather front heading the way of 250 million Americans, HAARPStatus has issued a ‘massive HAARP attack’ alert for almost the exact same area as shared in the brand new video below from DAHBOO77. Are the two related? Is America now under a MASSIVE HAARP ‘weather attack’? The 2nd video below examines this possibility in greater detail as doctors, pilots and scientists tell the truth about geoengineering weather warfare. Check out the two maps below the videos; just a coincidence or something much more?


November 9, 2014
More Signs "It Has Begun"

By Live Free or Die

YouTube videographer Daniel C has just released the following compilation video of recent events across America that prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that something MAJOR is coming. With government forces of EVIL now brutalizing Americans as if WE WERE THEIR SERVANTS (and NOT the other way around!) and those seeking to help humanity being arrested for their ‘crimes’ of feeding the needy, our country and world have truly turned upside down. Will our government and law enforcement officers SUDDENLY REMEMBER that THEY are here to serve US, or will humanity fall eternal victim to continuous brutalizations and NAZI-type behavior from those sworn to PROTECT the United States Constitution? As one video comment says, “It has begun!”



In August 2012 Christ Michael Aton - The Creator of our Universe -and AAMetatron Head of Cosmic University,commended about the events which will occur,in order to liberate Humanity, from the chains of the established by the dark forces networks,which entrapped and imprisoned mankind for centuries.

If we wand to get out of this prison planet,and the prearranged state of ignorance,which kept us in separation with the Truth and the Cosmos,we have to awake and become aware about the real face of the people,and also of the system,which has been created by the corrupted minds,in order to keep you enslaved,and blind servands to the adversaries .

Before the rising of the new worlds, old patterns are sinking into the abyss of nothingness and dissolved within the timeless Now.No rock remains unturned ! Everything is flowing within The evolving and expanding perfection of the Devine Intelligence of All That Is. 
Following also what Master Zoroaster said : It seems that the distruction of a corrupted by the dark ones,civilisation,pulls the trigger for the chifting of conciousness to higher levels of being!
The same is saiyng also Eckhart Tolle in descriping The dark nigh of the soul.
  Each one of us personally - individually,we are passing through this stage,more than one time,in different levels, in our lifetimes.As Above So Below.It is like an in-breathing  of the soul,and the collapsing of the subjective non- reality of the individual.which leads to a personal zero point or state of conciousness.
Through a reversing seguensess phenomenon, and the distruction of the illusionary individual manifestations or matterial world,is resulting in a mystirius way, to the chifting of conciousness to a higher level of existanse, to awakening,awareness,and into a new reality.



It is time, dear ones, for us to begin correcting all of the damage that has been done. It seems a daunting and perhaps impossible task, but we assure you it is not.
The better you are able to do this, the easier these next days will be. Strife, lack, fear, unworthiness, and separation, among others, must and will become teaching aids which are no longer necessary, to be laid down and never used again. Love yourselves for leaving that schoolyard at last and moving on to a life where you are able to learn without endlessly repeating painful experience.

It was your need of learning the one most important lesson of all which kept you here for so long. Everything else depended from your assumption that you were separated from your Creator and each other.


Peace will prevail. What will bring chaos is coming to create the light, although it will not be understood. It will be dramatic and conditions will be difficult to accept, but it is needed to delete the deceptions and control of dark cabals.
No love is greater than the love God has for humanity and their ways of learning and growing, but what has happened to your world needs to be corrected; not in one complete collapse, but in different occurrences that come as needed. When all is done, the world will be One and love will answer all your concerns.