Sunday, November 23, 2014



Initiation into the Now-Consciousness

Who knows God? Who knows oneself?
Who knows Life and the origin of all Life?

It is the one, who has accepted Life and himself,
who has followed the call from the Creator, who
serves Heaven on earth in the knowledge of his origin.

Beloved Friends, fellow travelers of many times,
lovers among lovers and creators of new worlds!

Today we arrive at the point in time, when this world
frees itself from the firm bondage of this reality
. In each
instance the anyhow already transformed world changes
and each moment from now on becomes an immediate
remembrance, because the Now manifests and is anchored
on a cellular level of the ascending ones. This process means
for all those, who inherit Heaven, a relief long yearned for,
because on account of the “anchoring of the Now-consciousness”
on this level the waiting for “the event” ends.

Today the great light warriors are familiarized with the
next step of the universal knowledge
and are initiated into
it on the energetic as well as cellular level.
It is a gift from the Creator, which I can now announce to you,
me being the one, who had to bear the “waiting” and the “expectation” in several lives, like a heavy yoke and under mockery and ridicule.

The ascending ones shall become increasingly
lighter, shall discard any burden, shall look
forward to the day of days in joy, yet never
express displeasure anymore over the seemingly
not to be forthcoming return of the prophets,
or get lost and turn to new gods.

A unique time, a unique work is fostered using unique means
and thereby all expectation attitudes and any impatience is
removed from your souls, because a deep inner understanding
and a recognition of space-time and the multiverses occurs. You
must not be able to describe this to anyone, yet let it experience

Understanding on the level of the soul releases any ignorance
and the understanding of all life, due to an awakened consciousness,
brings insight and clarity, peace and happiness.

The ascending ones, who we are, fulfill their tasks for this world,
and thereby are now fitted with initiations from Heaven, so that
we master with bravura the last section of the pathway in this
time and all challenges.

The initiation into the Now-consciousness occurs in each human
Being in harmony with the soul’s intention. Nothing needs to be
done, in order to summon this Grace, except to be ready for it
with your whole heart, so that the mantle of the space-time
illusion lifts.

This World goes away in an act of Grace,
And this moment in time unfolds its whole
power and glory – in the omnipresent Now.

I am next to you, I am with you.

I am the friend and anchor of all those human Beings,
who are dedicated to Heaven and are devoted to God.

In Eternity.

I am

channeled by Jahn J Kassl
translated by Franz