Monday, November 24, 2014

Linear Change no longer possible!

- Creating the emergent dimension -

Linear Change no longer possible!
By Master Kuthumi

It is important to understand why today a
“linear change”, meaning a stepwise evolution of mankind
on this Mother planet of ascension, is no longer possible.
This process would devour further eons and this quota 
of space-time is no longer available to this earth.

The time is truly over and therefore those, who awaken now, 
will step toward their completion on the newly created 
planet of schooling of the 4th dimension of All-That-Is.

In order to correctly understand the quality 
of this time, it is important to understand
the inconsistencies of this time. 
Immense discharges of dark energy on the one hand 
and until now unsurpassed light influx for this world.
Day for day these realities, whereupon human Beings act, 
drift further apart. And each human Being perceives what he 
has chosen and finds himself in “his” world and in his reality.

While the ascending ones become lighter and 
more transparent, the remaining ones become 
more polluted and less transparent for the high 
Light energies of Creation, because they failed 
to grow with the continuously increasing vibration. 
The decisions have truly been made and 
yet the exceptions determine the events of time.

I am