Saturday, November 15, 2014

In The Center of The Abyss of Oblivion....Why ?

Just a message..

 Edentia Mansion Worlds

...*There is no force in Creation, which can defy God and there is no power
in the universe, which will still effectively set against the decision of mankind to ascend.*.

You are standing in the middle of the abyss of oblivion,by denying the grace and mercy of Christ Michael.You can,t accept the idea, that you have been deceived and beat in your own game,with your own rules.You have been so blind and arrogand,that you mixed devine intelligence with
your primitive mind.You have mixed up the concept of creation ,with uncreation,evolution with distruction ..Your long  separation from the source,and the possesion of advance mass distruction weapponery,does not make you Gods.
From the beginning up to now,all your actions,has been your own choice.Therefore your judgment
is based only to your commited crimes and unholy intentions,and face your own deeds in the mirror of truth. 
Your destination is either the rehabilitation centers on the Edentia prison worlds,or your incrimation
and seized to exist any more!And that,s very,very sad indeed. 


 In June 2011 in my post titled  LIGHT and DARK : Past - Presend - Future is stated that the whole story and the Fall of Atlantis,was the biggest trap  ever in Cosmos,for the Forces of Darkness.

...*The masters of Light from different galaxies   set up the biggest trap in the history of the universe. It is one of the rare times that the masters of Deception have been deceived in such a way and such a degree by the masters of Light*...

The whole play of Light vs Darkness, as continued through millions of years,has to be ended,and the doors for evil to be sealed, as has been degreed by the Father -Creator Himself.
Speaking about Light vs Dark, we are not referred to the Lucifer,s rebellion in the Satania System,in our Universe of Nebadon,but the wars in Heaven,started the second Day-Night of The Cosmic Creation,as stated in Secret Doctrine of HP Blavaskhy.
...If “God” is Absolute, Infinite, and the Universal Root of all and everything in Nature and its universe, whence comes Evil or D’Evil if not from the same “Golden Womb” of the absolute? Thus we are forced either to accept the emanation of good and evil, of Agathodaemon and Kakodaemon as offshoots from the same trunk of the Tree of Being, or to resign ourselves to the absurdity of believing in two eternal Absolutes!

The ancients  defined evil as the lining of God or Good: Demon est Deus inversus, being a very old adage. Indeed, evil is but an antagonizing blind force in nature; it is reaction, opposition, and contrast, -- evil for some, good for others. There is no malum in se: only the shadow of light, without which light could have no existence, even in our perceptions. If evil disappeared, good would disappear along with it !!

There is no force in Creation, which can defy God and there is no power in the universe, which will still effectively set against the decision of mankind to ascend.
The dark ones,as always, rejected another, softer possibility, in the belief that they would never have to face their own deeds in the mirror of truth.