Wednesday, November 19, 2014

END OF THE GAME : Part - 1- New Location or Higher State of Conciousness

The End Of The Game.

...*All the events and happenings we are passing through ,in recent times,is making no sense for many.*..
..*When all these events  goes to an End,then will make for us, perfect sense.*...

..*From the beginning,for anybody involved,is been a decision of Free Will,with the purpose,to anchore Light into Darkness.A challenge for walking within darkness,observing,exploring,mastering,and finally ,finding the ways, for transforming darkness into Light !*..

 -  New Location or Higher State of Conciousness.-

It is obvious,that the scenario,we are passing through,in recent times,is something which happened also,with other civilisations,either here on Earth,or in other star systems,before Ascension,to Higher Dimensional Field of Experiense.
In one of their channelled messages,the Pleadeans are saying,that before their Ascension -their Planet and their Collective -only few thousands of them,they have ascended,leading succesfully their people to Ascension.
Ascended Master S.Germain,the master of the 7th Ray,and the newTeacher of Humanity for the New Golden Age,is suggesting, that after the activation of All  the Crystall Crids on 12/12/2012, there is suffecient  number of people ready to ascend on Earth.!
This is a sufficient number (is exceeding critical mass ),to lead succesfully,the rest of Humanity and Planet Earth,to the final stage of the Ascension Process.
Futher more it is stated,that our Ascension is related to the Ascension Process of OUR Solar,Galactic and the Entire UNIVERSE,the End of Dualty,and finally the coming of Unity,One Vibration,the time of Oneness and ALL THAT IS.
In relation to this Universal Ascension Process,fundamental part is concidered to be, the Ascension of All Suns to the One and only One Central Sun of our Universe.See more about this Ascension Process...
Our 3D mode,or Field of Experiense,is considered to be,the lower level of the Spectrum,in the whole Creation,and as that,is NOT REAL .In Secret Doctrine,H.P.Blavaskhy admitted,that it was difficult for her to understand,or perceive the meaning of NON-REALITY of the matterial world,within, we live and breath. I think that, this is also happening to most of us,untill the time of our awakening, mastering and enlightment.
So what is REAL and NOT-REAL ?
In the first place,listening or reading this word,for years,we feel somehow,as like we have done something terrible,in the very past,and somebody,kicked us in the ass-for punishement-and found ourselves,in the midle of the darkness
gravity !! Without knowing who we are,from where we came from,what we have done wrong,or to whom,and also,having no memories of our past lifes,or any clue about our lost identity if we had any,anywhere in cosmos.!
Taken all these into consideration,the guestion raised, is how one can fix in any way,something,for which,can,t recall anything?.
In a stage of complete amnesia,and the information provided afterwards to us,feeling guilty-for what and why?-,instaid of looking up to the skies for discovering our destiny and destination,they made us looking down to the valley of shadows,and through the mirrors of mayia.