Saturday, November 8, 2014

CANADIAN Defense Minister Paul Hellyer : Money Mafia And The UFO Cabal Banksters - Illuminatis

Don,t Panic is Over!!
Their Plans Gone in Vain!.
 ..*Earth is orbiding now with all the Solar System,in a higher energy field,within the center of our Milky Way Galaxy and the Sacittarius System.Our milky Way Galaxy is orbiding in a much higher  energy field within the center of our Universe of Nebadon,with the final destination,to orbit next to Havona,and within the center of the Multiverse!*.. 

 ..*There are enormous changes coming. Some of you know that it is your place to be close to me in the center of the Universe. Your galaxy, The Milky Way, is moving...
The little planet, the beautiful small planet we call Terra - the jewel of your galaxy - will be the center, not only the center of your Universe, but the center of the Multiverse.*.. - Creator.

What we are experiencing as the global dept
and financial crisis,was a preorganised master mind CRIMINAL act by the Banking Mafia Synticate,with the intention to completly enslave Humanity.
This criminal act is been supposevely ,the last action by the Cabal and the Illuminatis ,BEFORE DECLARING THE WIII,AND APPLY THEIR DEPOPULATION  AGENDA and establish the NEW WORLD ORDER. Unfurtunately for them, their plans gone in vain.
God and the Highest Realms of Light,decided, that their actions,
are violating Universal Laws,which could lead to total annihilation of Human Race,and distruction of life on Earth.
The Universal Law of non intervention in a free will planet like Earth is not any long in force.After giving warnings to the criminal mafia synticate, and the denial of the heads of Cabal
of the offer of Christ Michael for mercy,The Michael,s Forces put in action.Bettween 2011 and 2012 ,twenty six (26 )!! military bases and underground facilities( Huge Cities!!! ) ,located in differend areas within USA,HAVE BEEN TOTALLY DISTROYED.
There is strong evidence from reliable sources,or insiders,that after this incitent,a treaty has been signed.As Saint Germain ( Asana Mahatari ) stated in his last message :
There is no force
in Creation, which can defy God and there is no power
in the universe, which will still effectively set against
the decision of mankind to ascend.
if It Is Not Stopped, We Will All Be Turned
into Debt Slaves
Alexandra Bruce
November 6, 2014

This is an exciting, historic and eye-opening interview between Dark Journalist, Daniel Liszt and the Former Defense Minister of Canada, The Honorable Paul Hellyer.

Together they discuss Mr. Hellyer's controversial new book, 'The Money Mafia: A World in Crisis,' a severe indictment of the global financial system and the covert elite power groups that form a corporate New World Order.

Mr. Hellyer says World War III will be between the Big Banks and the average citizens of the world. He compares the present centralized, corrupt money system as a serpent that is slowly squeezing the life out of people everywhere and says if it is not stopped, we will all be turned into debt slaves. He calls for immediate action to reverse course on the destruction of the environment and the restoration of privacy rights being eliminated by Orwellian, authoritarian policies with cooperation by the major media organizations.

They also delve deeply into the startling reality that secretive covert intelligence groups are using advanced, reverse-engineered ET technology to create a breakaway civilization that runs on alternative energy, totally hidden from the public.

Mr. Hellyer is the only cabinet-level official to go on the record to say that UFOs are as real as the airplanes flying overhead.

He goes even further in this interview and reveal secret confirmations he has received that an extraterrestrial presence is operating in our skies in these unidentified craft.

As a former Minister of Defense and Deputy Prime Minister with an impeccable career in serving the public interest, his bold revelations may be a major turning point in our time and a paradigm shift that has shocking implications for the entire world.

Money Mafia And The UFO Cabal: Major Revelations! Defense Minister Paul Hellyer & Dark Journalist