Monday, October 27, 2014


As an itroduction to  Sananda Emmanuel Kumara message below.


..* On Orion he ( mr.Obama ) was targeted to be used as their greatest tool for manipulation of humans in all countries of the Earth in order to produce total chaos and completely eliminate man's ability to care for one another. *Sanat Kumara

It is not up to us to verify or to reject any info about
presitend Obama.
Supposevely mr.Obama is been elected by the American people,and therefore is obliged to serve the interests of his people.Their wellfare,their security,and their dreams for the future .
We do not know if mr.Obama is still the real Obama.
If he honors his promises and commitments to the American people,or he is a traitor of his own people.
If he is a manjurian man,a clone one, a chipped one,or a possesed one, by a high intelligence dark entity.
We are not a conspiracy theorist.
But sometimes life is much more than science fiction.

The message below from Sanat Kumara is received through
The Masters and Mankind.
It is up to each one individually to get into his own conclusions.


Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Sanat Kumara says . . .

*Sanat Kumara The King of this World.The Logos of this and many other Worlds.*

Before you decided to become a human this time the dark and light wars were coming to a momentous clash. When this occurred there was a major conflict on the planet of Orion also. In this dynamic Orion sent agents to check out man's continents as another land for their own.
In their desire to control this civilization they became mixed race bodies with reptilian brains. Many became Christian zealots. Some went into politics. Some became military officers. And one or two thousand came as an added bonus to lead others to these leaders, to be governed. Military officers who lead with a mandate from an alien government are deciding your fate now – if you allow it to continue. Currently they intend to wipe out all Muslim led countries to divert attention from the other games they are capturing man's choices with.
Political observers notice the change in attitude the President of the United States now has. Can you agree with him? Why not? May we offer this explanation: On Orion he was targeted to be used as their greatest tool for manipulation of humans in all countries of the Earth in order to produce total chaos and completely eliminate man's ability to care for one another. When the dark days come they intend to invade – a complete takeover of what is left.
Please don't be afraid to ascend – it is the interference that is needed to destroy the takeover they have designed for Earth. In the days to come, Orion must be deterred from this takeover so this planet remains available for the creation of the New Earth.
Please care and concern yourself with this awareness as you make your choice about ascension.
I am the World Creator in one aspect of the creation's design.
Sanat Kamara



27. Oktober 2014


Call them by Name
Today it is of great importance that those, who conduct a
devious game with humanity, will be recognized, and to call
them by name. Many readers of this or also of other spiritual
messages still balk at looking into the eyes of truth and they
still assume light where deep darkness rules.

The whole character of this personality is
revealed in three simple dream pictures.
Whoever recognizes this now, has lifted
a great mantle of deception and has come
much closer to his liberty.

Thereby the second scene in the dream is foremost significant,
because the President knows what he does, who his allies are
and whom he has to serve. This allows the understanding of the
total extent of his actions and it is possible to look at this in the
light of truth.

For those human Beings, who are familiar with these facts for a
long time, it is a confirmation for their knowledge. These actual
pictures with this message are primarily directed toward those,
who are ignorant in this area of geo-political perception, because
many messages from the “spiritual world” paint an entirely different picture of this President.

Go inside; recognize what you are dealing with,
because the insight is always a first step toward
freedom and self-determination.

In conclusion I still point to the fact that in all dream pictures
Jahn is busy confronting Obama, or turning him over for a crime.
This means that the pressure and the power of the light warriors
increases and the days of the old system are numbered.
Also from the higher-ranking multidimensional viewpoint this
dream shows very clearly that Jahn is aware of himself in the
car and in the restaurant at the same time, and he is also invisibly
present at the White House. This signifies that other forces are at
work here, which this dark system also can no longer control.

These dream pictures serve the awareness
process for those human Beings of the
“spiritual scene”, who have blinders until
today, as they encounter this or any other
princes of darkness in whatever manner.

I am with those, who demand further insights,
who are open for the truth and the Light,
which is set free due to the recognition of a fallacy.

I am with you, who you nurture your soul
in the inexhaustible ocean of Love and thereby
pave the way for a light-filled and merciful world.

I am the Love and Life.

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