Friday, October 3, 2014

Shadows and Reflections : "Everything is different, - Everything stays the same,


Shadows and Reflections

"Everything is different, 
for those, who see,
Everything stays the same, 
for those, who are blind.
Everything is different for those, 
who see with their heart,
Everything stays the same, for those,
who perceive the world with their eyes.

Everything is different, for those,
who follow the inner assuredness
and God’s inner voice,
Everything stays the same, for those,
who only hear what reaches their ear.
Everything is different, for those, 
who experience the new time, 
as a self-actualized prophecy,

Everything stays the same for those,
who far from any vision, any imagination,
any divine inspiration, trust the facts, 
which they create based on their limitations."