Sunday, October 12, 2014

Gabriel : The Luciferians Attack Against Family Institution.

 Gabriel of Salvington  the Universe Son  - The Supreme Commader of The Legions of Chris Michael  .

Gabriel of Salvington is like the Universe Son in divinity of nature though considerably limited in the attributes of Deity.
Gabriel of Salvington is the chief executive of the universe of Nebadon and the arbiter of all executive appeals respecting its administration. This universe executive was created fully endowed for his work, but he has gained experience with the growth and evolution of our local creation.
Gabriel is the chief officer of execution for superuniverse mandates relating to nonpersonal affairs in the local universe. Most matters pertaining to mass judgment and dispensational resurrections, adjudicated by the Ancients of Days, are also delegated to Gabriel and his staff for execution
Twelve legions of angels comprise a host numbering 2,985,984 pairs or 5,971,968 individuals, and twelve such hosts (35,831,808 pairs or 71,663,616 individuals) make up the largest operating organization of seraphim, an angelic army.



"The family is the parent not the child of society."  

(Maryland Superior Court)
...*From the universe perspective the Trinity is The Nuclear Family. Our triune God of three separate and distinct personalities is further revealed through a sevenfold manifestation that includes the Trinity as a whole, each of the separate individuals and every combination of two. This is the creative original, the family pattern whereby the "Only Begotten Son" is the divine offspring.*...

A loving family provides the momentum that thrusts us ever God-ward. It is therefore the greatest single threat to the plans of Lucifer and his followers. From their point of view, if the primacy of the parent/child relationship can be somehow minimized, marginalized or eulogized, then the Gospel message can be effectively neutralized. If a Schutzstaffel can no longer remove parents from the home as the routine part of a failed "final solution" then something much more subtle can be employed.
In either case the process maps directly to Lucifer's manifesto. First, attack the parent/child relationship through matrimonial, societal, legal and political disease thereby depriving the child of balance in nurture and more. Second, defame fatherhood and motherhood thereby minimizing and breeding suspicion about all parents including the First Person of Deity. Third, and finally, destroy the family. Put it asunder, thereby making our place within the family of God that much more difficult, if not impossible to fully comprehend.
To the human child the family provides the nurturing infrastructure that favors meaningful growth. Through the exploitation of certain fundamental differences between men and women, the forces of darkness have displaced complementary relationships in favor of competitive ones and have brought instability to all that a child deems to be real. As their support environments collapse, children give up on life itself at twice the rate of children from intact families.
Children from broken homes often emerge severely out of balance, often unwilling to accept the vulnerabilities associated with love. To them, love is not a verb but seen rather as happenstance, ethereal and something in and out of which one occasionally falls.

Love and hate must be understood in the context of their inward or outward focus. Love that is both internalized and directed towards others finds resonance with all that is divine. Divinity is the characteristic unifying and coordinating quality of Deity. And Deity, the Creator, Controller and Upholder, is the source of all reality.
Sustained self-loathing and outwardly manifest hatred is always accompanied by an array of cognitive distortions that cycle the range of negative emotions. Hatred is spirit poison. When it reaches a level that exceeds human tolerance, it invariably yields suicide or murder.
Of course, I'm telling you nothing new. You already know about hatred. But here we will examine various cognitive distortions to understand how they serve to selectively amplify the negative emotions and attenuate positive ones in direct support of Lucifer's cause.

At one time Lucifer commanded great respect by means of his brilliant personality. The fact that he wore jeweled robes certainly didn't hurt his ability to overawe the material mind. Both were gifts of beauty. And both were corrupted in such a way as to support his peculiar form of persuasion. Lucifer exhibited his ingratitude, and through time the gifts of God were trampled under foot. The folly of casting one's pearls before the unappreciative is not uncommon and, as the unmitigated selfishness of this privileged son ran unabated, he was eventually seen for just what he is, unappreciative - the very personification of ugliness. Though in his wake the people of Earth were left dazed and confused, individuals on high are no longer impressed by the parade or with his adornment, only his motivation and the lack of merit within his argument.

Society has a right to discriminating tastes in the areas of human endeavor and behavior as well as fine wines. It has a right to discriminate between domestic partnerships and those marriage covenants designed to facilitate child development. It has a right to its values and a right to hold that the healthiest nurturing infrastructure for children and the highest social order are best supported through the societal preference for heterosexual monogamy.
"I have sworn, upon the alter of God eternal hostility against every form of tyranny over the mind of man." Jefferson