Saturday, October 25, 2014


Remember :
There is nobody above you
nobody below you.
Above and below is a construct of the mind,
to navigateYou  through experience,
and helpYou  with orientation.


** the “zero hour” reaches the tired souls of  human Beings during the sleep and they wake up, not anymore in this, but in another World.** GUARDIANS OF THE WORLD 

Dreaming is a gift from God.It is the path to perfection, either  within the inner world or the outside worlds of creation.From the beginning of time and before anything comes into form,dreaming preceds the action of manifastation through the Devine intelligence.
Ten or twentee years ago,it was considered as impossible!
Nothing is impossible.
It is mentioned before,that  in order to change the course of events and alter circumstances,one thing was necessary...the chift of Humanity conciousness into Christ conciousness. Nothing is happening either by accident or by coincidence!
The desparate actions of the Corporate Elite Mafia Synticate,to keep controll and safeguard their financial interest,through destruction of the people,s life,s,resulted to the unavoidable. Publicly shown the real face of the monster.A system run and managed by corruption,greed,disonesty, lies and deception.
**Those who has taken everything from others,will be left with nothing...
Those who has given everything to others..shal be given everything back...
By the love and grace of The Eternal Father. ( Sananda Emannuel ).
We are running out of time.We approach the zero time continuum..
Time will freeze.In a state of deep sleep  you will be  transfered to your new world..and when you wake up,you ,ll find yourself in your new home..untill now you never imagined!**..

**"The moment of God’s Beauty is close
– and God’s Love embraces Life until the 
hearts of human Beings have been healed 
and the World is perfected." **
**Each child of God will be cared for with all possibilities,and even if at the end only one child of God finds the way back to Heaven, the effort from all participating forces would be worth it. The true rocks in the surf and the light towers on the hill are the ones, who reflect this truth. 
Because an awakened one, if he decides to enter into the flesh, towers above billions of unconscious human souls and can bring freedom to billions. **