Saturday, October 4, 2014

Behind The Veils : World News Update.: Illuminating Darkness!

..*First, you will become aware of your changing position in your galaxy.  As you know, you are now on the outer reaches of the Milky Way Galaxy.  Your solar system, with the addition of Maldek, who will be joining you in the position between Earth and Mars, will move first to the center of your galaxy, and then to the center of your Universe and eventually to the center of the Multiverse.
The pivotal piece in this Plan was for you to accomplish the energetic shift from darkness to Light on your planet, and therefore in your solar system.  The "defeat" of the dark ones does not involve a defeat in 3 dimensional terms.  It means convincing all the beings on Earth that Love is the only Truth, and that everything else is illusion.

you joined with me to carry the torch of Love to illuminate the entire Universe.  You must first turn away from your fascination with darkness, to understand that once you deny your attraction to all that is not of the Light, it will vanish from your world.  Do you remember the clever saying, "What if they gave a war and nobody came?"*...


*"Fear is the last island that darkness withdraws
to, as the water has already been removed."
the dark ones will:a.) fall themselves victim to their own actions.
b.) will find themselves in another world.
c.) will be removed from this world.
*the black Gods will ossify in their own projections
and they will succumb to the fear, which they created.
So it is destined, in Eternity. *



Illuminati order is in troubles, they are trying to win more time, yet they don't know what to do. Because  everything they do is going against them and speeding up their downfall. Whether they do surrender or make more harm and evil, both directions are leading to their demise. Yet the difference is that, if surrendered, they would be spared from maximal harm on every front. For now they remain neutral and passive, they simply lied down onto stream and waiting for "good opportunity" to strike, with such action they prolong their existence and are keeping their seat of power for a bit longer. Yet there won't be any "good opportunity" for them anymore. Everything they do now is acting in Iraq and Syria against evil "islamic state", otherwise they are trying to make huge fear around ebola and "possible terrorist attack by "islamic state". The very good thing in this is that majority don't give into this fear.

If You would like to know what is the situation with them, you can look for news. The more western media screams about something, the more they want You to believe them and the more desperate they are. Like it was with malaysian MH17 and with Ukraine's Crimea. As You noticed now it is quiet, because all proofs are showing that Russia and rebels are not responsible for downing of the plane and Russia did the right thing with Crimea as People living there made decision to join Russia.

 You know very well, that whenever they are keeping quiet on something then it obviously could harm them. Like with NSA and Snowden, they are trying their best to keep quiet about it and in the mean time they are increasing surveillance. Awareness and Knowledge are the greatest "weapons" against them.

On ethereal planes there is quite a calm and improving situation. Followers of Light are cleaning the whole Biosphere, Electrosphere and Etherosphere of Planet Earth. Sun and Sage Star A are sending Light shockwaves which are deflecting everything negative and are sending this negativity away, back to dark source. There are less and less "dead wanderers", there is less and less darkness everywhere.