Friday, September 26, 2014

The Geopolitics of World War III

The servants of non - existence!.

As an Introduction :

**The evil intentions of The Ruling Insanity (Elite) is transformed  into action without hesitation.
You can,t fight or leverage bad intentions with words.Although nothing is going astray,words
are still words,if are not  transformed and manifested as action into the present reality. **

The minds of the insane ones is like black holes.
No possibility for the light to penetrate. 
A completely darkened soul is..without soul!
With no compassion or respect to Human Beings
or Life itself.
They look like humans,but they are
not humans.
They perceive only darkness...
and in the *day of the days*
they shall be consumed by their own darkness..
and no individuality in Eternity!!


Even the most powerful weapons of
war are neutralized
if you reach the mind of
the man behind the trigger.


How Has the Dollar Remained
the World's Reserve Currecy Over the Past 40 Years? - See more at:
How Has the Dollar Remained
the World's Reserve Currecy Over the Past 40 Years? - See more at:
The Geopolitics of World War III
11.Sep.2014 | SCGSCG
The real reason Russia and Syria are being targeted right now. - See more at:
How Has the Dollar Remained
the World's Reserve Currecy Over the Past 40 Years? - See more at:

 The Geopolitics of World War III

 How does the dollar remained the World's Reserve Currecy Over the Past 40 Years? -

"...[W]hen you see the mouthpieces of the
ruling class begin to demonize a foreign
country, the first question in your mind should
always be "what is actually at stake here?"

"For some time now Russia, China, Iran, and
Syria have been in the cross hairs. Once you
understand why, the events unfolding in the
world right now will make much more sense."

9/11 and the seeds of WWIII cannot be fully
understood without understanding the yoke
of the Petrodollar, which has been placed
around the neck of any country that wanted
to buy oil, since the SCG says here,
with the establishment of the Petrodollar,
"...the dollar went from being a gold-backed
currency to a oil-backed currency. It also
became America's primary export."


"This petrodollar system stood unchallenged
until September of 2000 when Saddam Hussein
announced his decision to switch Iraq's oil sales
off of the dollar to Euros. This was a direct attack
on the dollar, and easily the most important
geopolitical event of the year, but only one article
in the western media even mentioned it.

"In the same month that Saddam announced he
was moving away from the dollar, an organization
called the 'The Project for a New American Century',
of which Dick Cheney just happened to be a
member, released a document entitled
Forces and Resources For a New Century'. This
document called for massive increases in US
military spending and a much more aggressive
foreign policy in order to expand US dominance
worldwide. However the document lamented that
achieving these goals would take many years
'absent some catastrophic and catalyzing event -
like a new Pearl Harbor'.

"One year later they got it.

"Riding the emotional reaction to 9/11, the Bush
administration was able to invade Afghanistan
and Iraq and pass the Patriot Act, all without any
significant resistance.

"There were no weapons of mass
destruction in
Iraq, and this wasn't a
question of 'bad intelligence'.
This was a
cold calculated lie, and the decision to
invade was made in full knowledge of
the disaster
which would follow.

"They knew exactly what was going to happen
but in 2003, they did it anyway. Once Iraqi oil
fields were under US control, oil sales were
immediately switched back to the dollar. Mission

"Soon after the invasion of Iraq, the Bush
Administration attempted to extend these wars
to Iran. Supposedly the Iranian government was
working to build a nuclear weapon...[but] after
the Iraq fiasco, Washington's credibility was
severely damaged. As a result, they were unable
to muster international or domestic support for an
intervention...However, the demonization
campaign against Iran
continued even into
the Obama administration.


"Well, might it have something to do with the
that since 2004 Iran has been in the
process of
organizing an independent oil
bourse? They were
building their own oil market,
and it wasn't going to
be tied to the dollar. The
first shipments of oil were
sold through this
market in July of 2011.

"Unable to get the war that they wanted, the US
used the UN to impose sanctions against Iran. The
goal of the sanctions was to topple the Iranian
regime. While this did inflict damage on the Iranian
economy, the measures failed to destabilize the
country. This was due in large part to Russia's
assistance in bypassing US banking restrictions.

"In February of 2009 Muammar Gaddafi, was
chairman of the African Union. He
proposed the formation of a
unified state with a single
currency. It was
the nature of that proposed currency
that got
him killed.

"In March of 2009 the African Union released a
document entitled 'Towards a Single African
Currency'. Pages 106 and 107 of that document
specifically discuss the benefits and technicalities
of running the African Central bank under a gold
standard. On page 94, it explicitly states that the
key to the success of the African Monetary Union
would be the 'eventual linking of a single African
currency to the most monetary of all commodities
- gold.'

"In 2011, the CIA moved into Libya and began
backing militant groups in their campaign to
topple Gaddafi and the US and NATO pushed
through and stretched a UN no-fly-zone resolution
to tip the balance with airstrikes. The presence of
Al-Qaeda extremists among these rebel fighters
was swept under the rug.

"Libya, like Iran and Iraq had committed the
unforgivable crime of challenging the US

"The NATO intervention in Libya segued into a
covert war on Syria. The armories of the Libyan
government were looted and the weapons were
shipped via Turkey to Syrian rebel groups working
to topple Assad.

"It was already clear, at this point that many of these
fighters had ties to terrorist organizations. However,
the US national security apparatus viewed this as a
necessary evil. In fact the Council on Foreign relations
published an article in 2012 stating that 'The influx of
jihadis brings discipline, religious fervor, battle
experience from Iraq, funding from Sunni
sympathizers in the Gulf, and most importantly, deadly
results. In short, the FSA needs al-Qaeda now.'...

"Let's be clear here, the US put ISIS in power.

"In 2013, these same Al-Qaeda-linked Syrian rebels
launched two sarin gas attacks. This was an attempt
to frame Assad and muster international support for
military intervention. Fortunately, they were exposed
by UN and Russian investigators and the push for
airstrikes completely fell apart when Russia stepped
in to broker a diplomatic solution.

"The campaign for regime change in Syria, as
in Libya has been presented in terms of human
rights. Obviously, this isn't the real motive.

"In 2009, Qatar put forth a proposal to run a natural
gas pipeline through Syria and Turkey to Europe.
Assad however rejected this, and in 2011 he forged
a pact with Iraq and Iran to run a pipeline eastward
cutting Qatar and Saudi Arabia out of the loop

"Not surprisingly Qatar, Saudi Arabia and Turkey
have been the most aggressive regional players in
the push to topple the Syrian government.

"But why would this pipeline dispute put Syria in
Washington's cross hairs? Three reasons:

1. This pipeline arrangement would significantly
strengthen Iran's position, allowing them to export
to European markets without having to pass through
any of Washington's allies. This obviously reduces
the US government's leverage.

2. Syria is Iran's closest ally. It's collapse would
inherently weaken Iran.

3. Syria and Iran have a mutual defense agreement,
and a US intervention in Syria could open the door to
open conflict with Iran.

"In February of 2014 this global chess game heated
up in a new venue: Ukraine. The real target,
was Russia.

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