Saturday, September 13, 2014



"The great time has come."


14. September 2014


channeled by Jahn J Kassl
translated by Franz

Condensation of space-time, the separation
of the galaxy begins and this has an effect
on earth, the ascending PLANET

to bring this world under their control, before the final curtain falls.
This causes ill-considered power games and the loss of a realistic 
assessment of the situation.
The complexity of all processes, which affect this 
earth, is not at all familiar to the dark warriors.
They are too much confronted by their own survival. 
The world has slipped away from them; mankind 
awakens to a sufficient extent.
An “act of desperation”, in order to turn the game, Fails; and the nature of a capital crime is revealed to mankind. 
The allocations are made and the dark ones are being recognized as dark. By human Beings to a sufficient extent.
Perception of Sequences:
1.) The ascending ones see things approaching and recognize these intentions long before the masses of human Beings.
2.) The ascending ones are touched on the inside by these events, what brings forth deep empathy, yet no one of the ascending ones is pulled into the energy of suffering or let themselves be pulled.
3.) The creation of Love and Light are the main intentions of these Masters in this difficult time, so that human Beings, before they find themselves in their new homes, will not lose hope.
4.) Suffering and the experience of pain affect only those, who have also chosen this, and it is many, very many.
5.) The beginning of the separation of the galaxy is a process, which impinges then on space-time and has a full effect, as soon as all Beings have taken possession of the new 4D worlds.
6.) The “great dying” happens on this level, whereby either “uninhabited” human bodies or up to a maximum of 2 soul fragments of a Being will be affected by it, in order to keep the shock of a Being as little as possible, but great enough, in order to enable further insights. 

This transmission from the 6D space fleet 

of Light marks the beginning of a new time 

and rings in the end of the old time!