Wednesday, July 2, 2014

CMichael:Want excitement? Roll over and wake up!

Want excitement? Roll over and wake up!

By CM thru Joyce

Jul 3, 2014 - 9:32:42 PM

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Thru Joyce this morning...

070214 Christ Michael: Want excitement? Roll over and wake up!

Most often you crave the new and exciting while ignoring the best that is already in place in your interactions, your teachings, your knowledge, your home, your daily activity, your nature... We could go on, but you are already bored by reading what you already intimately know- or do you?

Let us consider your routine daily activities that present you with an opportunity for growth, greater perspective - yes, even of service. There are many many of these moments, but you dismiss most of these gifts while you look for the new, revealing, and exciting that is WORTHY of your attention. Your culture, or lack thereof has purposely encouraged you to be true superficial surface dwellers in many respects, scurrying about for the where, when, and how of it all - with your eyes tightly shut!

Many of you will not hear this as your ears are tuned to that which will stimulate with a bang! A bang may very well be heard from your slamming into the walls that you continually ram while missing the many ingress and egress opportunities that you CAN see and explore. You see - life IS very exciting. And you have better than a front row seat.

Know that the Universal-all works and experiences through you. THIS IS YOUR JOB. You are the boss, employee and the client in this.

There is no real "stick it to the man" as the spiritual boss in you retreats into his office and the wisdom and guidance are not heard.

There is no "slacking on the job" as your productivity and paycheck suffer- and you have run on the rat wheel for naught.

There is no "dropping the ball" as your quality and output do not serve the client - yes, you guessed it- you hurting you again- you are busy getting nowhere with little of real value!

Well this ends this boring useless reminder to many who choose not to awaken to what they already know. You can opt to continue to snooze unawakened to what living truly is - but I, Christ Michael, GUARANTEE you that your slumber will not continue to be a peaceful one! The alarm is about to ring...

*Phodos added.