Wednesday, May 28, 2014

The Prison Planet and The Adversaries of Christ

**Christ is a state of being not a label of a given Man. If you are against the laws of God and The Creation--YOU ARE AN ANTI-CHRISCT**

The Most Important teaching in the Phoenix Journal's.
By CM/Hatonn/Aton
Dec 31, 2014 - 8:35:08 AM

There are more evil adversaries of Christ and God in the so-called Christian churches than you will find anywhere in any group, dead or alive; and I think "dead" might fit the Christian Churches as a whole.

Dear ones, it is not a matter of accepting or denying the Man Emmanuel "Jesus"--it is a refusal to recognize the “Christed path” not the Man. You MUST understand that evil was birthed on your place in far greater numbers than are God-following children of light.

-- PJ 28 -- pag. 232

Earth is an adversarial dwelling place. We refer to it as a prison colony where those who would not come into balance and within the Creation's laws and cosmic rules were placed-sent, if you will, for reclamation and rehabilitation. Original sin? Well, I don't know what you mean by that phrase exactly, but the original sin was not that which is touted unto you--it is that your ancestors were simply a Godless bunch of hoodlums. There is no NICE way to put it. God told you then, He has told you now; He sent Christ teachers then and He sends them now--to show you the way back within the fold of Truth and Godness. If you as a planet full of people refuse to turn away from the evil things of the physical you are doomed to reexperience until you recognize your plight and set your path to right. Does this mean that ALL have to change? No, we can take as few or as many home when we return home as are suitable to go. At any rate one way or the other--planet Earth is going to be emptied of all evil that she might begin to be reclaimed and she is coming from metamorphosis into her new dimensional frequency and that which is left shall be healed, nurtured and recreated by God. Whether you move with her into her glory or transport to another experience is unto each of you. Our job as the Hosts come before God unto you is to bring you the Truth of it and He is coming to take those sorted ones who claim Him into His places of security. As a species you have moved into the places with evil and follow the adversary (anti-Christ). Does this mean that all Christians are anti-Christians? Most are. What about these “Jews and/orKhazars”? Most are--and most non-Christians are anti-Christ but those who follow that Christ path are not, they are of Christ and God.Christ is a state of being not a label of a given Man. If you are against the laws of God and The Creation--YOU ARE AN ANTI-CHRISCT, no more and no less, and going to church every Sunday does not make you otherwise.

It is simply that the Anti-Christ beings have chosen this route and "RELIGION" to hopefully prevail and bring the world into total evil. In the long-run it matters not for it is an experience as a school-room and after a given number of years the physical is put aside as being experienced, changed and rechanged. This is why Truth is being brought forth in this final cycle for you ones are ready to blow away the planet and it is not suitable that you do so. All ones will be given opportunity to accept Truth and change intent--if you choose "not" then so be it for you shall simply be left to experience in the absence of God. I promise you, threaten you--whatever you wish to call it--you will not be forced by any of God's Hosts to do either one--ours is to remind you of the Laws of Truth and God is the Word and so shall it come unto you and then YOU shall have responsibility for self! He certainly will not whisk you to the clouds in exchange for your false knowledge and the false teachings of those who deceive you. YOU will answer for your own intent, there will be no absolution because another MAN shed his blood 2000 years ago. It is the lighted path of Truth given for you to follow--not the bloody evil of killing at the hands of an evil mob which is intended for your learning.

When the Christed Teacher told you that "I am the way, the Truth and the life and except through me shall no man come into the Kingdom of God", that is exactly that which he meant. He did not mean by "me, the Man, by some label or other"--BUT

-- PJ 28 -- pag. 233

THROUGH THE ROUTE OF THE CHRISTED TRUTH. And so it shall be--absolutely, no if's, and's or "but I thought's"! Men shall be in the fields at a certain time and one shall be chosen and one shall be left--where will YOU be? I care not that which you CALL selves, i.e. Christians, Jews, Judeans, Khazars, Islamics and thus and so. God sees not your labels--He sees only Truth for GOD IS TRUTH and ONLY TRUTH SHALL COME WITHIN THE HOLY PLACES. “But I thought---”, simply will not cut the cloth, my friends.

I tell you now that you may not go forth and denounce the Khazars and/or the Jews and find you have whipped the anti-Christ. I am only writing these portions of this Journal to allow you to see that you have been WRONG in your perceptions. Anti-Christ comes from all walks, all creeds, all colors and all human species, just as does Christ-ness.

What I am telling you is that you blame and expect the wrong parties to show up at Armageddon. You look for your enemy closely, my friends, and find that you are they! You, along with the majority of the world, have fallen into the trap. What you should concern self about is how do you extricate yourself from the trap already sprung upon you. Then you watch the clues of the world events to see WHERE and from which direction thine enemy will strike--for that you can accept the prophecies for the enemy has already told you what to expect. If you are of God and/or God's Hosts in service--you shall be removed into security, at any rate. If you still serve the adversary in attention only to physical Earthly matters, ye shall undoubtedly forfeit that physical manifestation for you will have failed the lessons.

I promise you that if you come into oneness with God--you will care not at the moment of earthquakes, etc., other than as a curiosity for ye will have prepared self against that day. I do not mean in a worldly manner--however, if ye have come into attunement with God and are receiving Truth in the WORD then you shall be otherwise prepared also.

How many will make the journey home? You look around and tell me how many you discern living totally within the laws of God and The Creation? On a day like today, I would say we won't be too crowded aboard ship. How many will SEE GOD? ALL! Ah, but most simply turn away! Well, chelas, it is not a matter of letting someone else do it, of letting someone else walk the path. You ones had best begin to realize that you will each do for self in regards to God and no one on a bloody cross will do it for you-it's JUST YOU AND GOD, FRIENDS, JUST YOU AND GOD. THE REST OF THE HOSTS STAND ASIDE TO FLY THE SHIP HOME AND SERVE AS WORD BRINGERS AND WAYSHOWERS. I SHALL FEEL BADLY ABOUT ONES WHO MAKE POOR CHOICES BUT THEIR CHOICES ARE NONE OF MY BUSINESS AND GOD SHALL ALLOW THEM TO WALLOW IN THEIR EVIL UNTIL THEY TURN AWAY FROM IT OR ARE TOTALLY CONSUMED BY IT. BUT IF YOU THINK SOMEHOW THAT THE JOURNEY STOPS WITH DEATH OF THAT HOUSE YOU CALL "BODY", YE ARE GOING TO BE AWFULLY SURPRISED! NEITHER DO YOU TURN OVER AND ONE MORNING WAKE UP IN THE

-- PJ 28 -- pag. 234