Sunday, April 13, 2014

The Anunnaki and why WE matter!

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Two days ago, I was looking through my cell phone files and found a recording I did not recall ever having made.  When I new, and it totally blew my mind! It is a seeing I recorded during or after olistened to it, I was shocked and surprised! For me, it was totally ne of my meditations.

The Anunnaki and why WE matter!

AkhatenAlien8(a seeing by Inelia Benz, transcript) 


This is Inelia Benz for Today I want to share with you a recording that I found in my cell

When I go into meditation I sometimes will be looking at
something, a subject or question that somebody has posed.
And if some information starts coming through or the seeing
starts happening, I will switch on my phone and I will record it.
I found this recording today. I was quite surprised, because I
don't remember when I recorded it, so it's quite interesting. I've
listened to it and I thought that you may also find it interesting.
It covers the subject of the Anunnaki and also their influence on
the planet and something quite new, which is our influence on
their culture and their whole species and how that came about.
And also when I was looking at the DNA aspect of the question
we went, or I went into the architects of our species and the
intent behind the constructs of the human being.
So I think that that is the most important part of all this
Because it basically goes into how unlimited we really are.
I invite you to look at this information as you listen to it. Scan it
with your own authority, have a look and see what resonates and
how much further you can take it.
So if you like it, DO share it and put it on your blogs and I will
see you next time. Bye!
(the audio recording has been left unedited. There will be long
moments of silence and CAN induce an altered state of

I can feel their presence: the Anunnaki.
The importance, the science, technology, exploration, ownership,
glamor, beauty, luxurious, gold.
Energetic resonance of material well-being.
In their energy there is a dissonance. Their collective energy is
When I look into that dissonance I sense an error and fear.
(long pause)

They created a humanoid species on the planet. Taking DNA
material from a present species, which had been created by
others, changing that material, making it denser. Creating a new
A being that can house a very advanced soul. It feels very much
like that was not their intent, but the intent of the previous
architects, the ones that created the original bodies.
The Anunnaki did not see it, because all they could see was
simply DNA at a physical level, not the ultra-dimensional level.
They were creating drones, simple machines, to carry out a task.
Exploiting the land, harvesting minerals and gems.
After they were done, they left, leaving behind the drones and
the semi-rules that were programmed to give orders and to be
The error's nature is that they've used their own DNA to make
the drones that would accept orders and the drones that were
able to give [orders] and be obeyed.
By using their own DNA they created an energetic ultra-
dimensional link to their own species.
They were not aware of that link because there were not aware of
the ultra-dimensional nature of DNA.
For them it was very mechanical, very physical.
They should've... would've removed all of their creation as they
left the planet, but they didn't. Something happened and they left
it behind.
The DNA continued to evolve, grow, becoming more expansive.
Beings from around the universe were able to incarnate into three
dimensionality using these vessels, which in and of itself trigger
other strands, other aspects, of the multi and ultra-dimensional
Now the Anunnaki are coming back. Some of them never left, but
became complacent.
The ones who are coming back, they're puritans and they're
worried because our growth and awareness and power to affect
this 3D creation affects them too. Suddenly and spontaneously,
among their own people, are being borne awakened and
enlightened beings. Beings who can sense and be aware of and
existence beyond physicality.
An existence beyond the games that we chose to play.
Importances and attachments. And that is breaking apart their
once solid and everlasting society.
There is fear.
There are choices to eliminate the human race, yet they cannot
do it, due to the nature of agreement in the physical universe.
The program that they themselves wrote in the human species to
survive, live defend at all costs, is still running and does not allow
for an agreement of complete annihilation of this species.
(long pause)

Something is afoot on the planet. An expansion of awareness so
broad, so accessible to so many, never seen before.
It could change reality as we know it.
Yet, panic and fear, get triggered.
How to express that all attachments are illusions? That all
importances are insignificant?
How to express that any games we can play in physicality, all the
games we are aware off are nothing compared to what we can
play or what we can become if only we are allowed the possibility
of an alternative reality enter our minds and our field and our
Why not just pretend? Pretend that there is another possibility.
Pretend that it is YOU who creates the Universe moment to
Pretend that this physical environment where you find the
physical body in, is just an illusion.
And illusion that is pliable as a child’s play-dough set.
Do you dare to pretend that this is true? Just for a moment... a
And feel the winds of change as they pass through you...
Time space becoming a landscape moving.
Quickly passed.

Faster and faster.

So quickly that it becomes pure light.

Do you dare to choose not be a singular being?

Not to be the monolog of thoughts streams, importances,
attachments, problems, fears, joys and loves, and experiences. 

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