Wednesday, April 2, 2014


With no commend :This image was released by the Brasilia Planetarium recently and seems to show a massive disc shaped object stationed above the Earth. The disc is estimated to be around 3-5 thousand miles in diameter..
Stephen Hannard@ADG_UK 30m


2. April 2014


channeled by Jahn J Kassl
translated by Franz

Report: NOAH, my beloved son, suddenly during
the night sits up in bed and says: „Big horses, Jahn;
horses, really big, Jahn!“ After that he snuggles up
to his pillow und continues to sleep peacefully.
(End of report)
Beloved Ones,
Among the lively light warriors of this time
and among human Beings willing to face the
battle that can only end in victory.
The “flying horses” have arrived on earth!
The flying horses are the big spaceships of the 6th
dimension of Being, never before in the history of
mankind having been in the vicinity of this earth or
coming close to planets similar to earth.
Heavenly movements, unique and noble at the same time,
manifest now in the firmament and this world is truly embedded
in the mantle of protection of the Light and the protective
envelope of the spaceships of the 6th dimension.
The preeminent and to be emphasized characteristics
of the light ships of the 6th dimension are:
1.) They can reach any place in the universe in an instant.
2.) They can dissolve from one to the next moment or can
manifest anywhere in the universe.
3.) The crew of the spaceships, and this more than anything,
were sent to us with the assignment from the Creator to
assist ascending mankind in all matters.
These time- and space-fleets are rulers over space and
time and they posses all the power in order to steer,
in harmony with Creation, all events of the 3D and 4D
worlds unto divine pathways.
The “big horses”, spaceships of immense dimensions
as well as unimaginable effectiveness, have reached this
world and have positioned themselves behind the ships of
the Galactic Federation of Light and behind the ships of the
Universal Federation of Light.
Thereby these entities from high realms of Creation
build the last and ultimate circle of the space-time-continuum
that cannot be penetrated or bypassed by anybody who is
not authorized to do so.
Many light warriors, who have lost their pathway and
in the last second want to consider ascension, are now facing
the last skirmish that musters everything, so that it may be
successfully and victoriously completed. The newly awakened
light warriors will be fitted with adequate means and possibilities
for the final battle; and will be more than equal opponents for
the dark ones. All manipulations will be eliminated and the
powers of the light and the powers of darkness will fight the
last skirmish on the battlefield – it is a skirmish that the
now awakened light warriors and stragglers of ascension
set out on from their world, so that they also may inherit
Heaven and can strip off the world.
For those, who have already chosen ascension a long
time ago, and have fought many battles, will experience
this battle from the distance, because truly: You have
completed, you have looked out for the showdowns and
have prevailed; and thereby you have prevailed foremost
over self and have been victorious over your lower self.
This new and final episode in the great spectacle of the
worlds has now been opened and Heaven has sent the
space fleets of the sixth dimension to this world – in order
to assist the late awakened ones and in order to provide the
great staircases into Heaven for the already perfected ones.
Thereby the space fleets of the Light fulfill another sacred
task: The space fleets of Light of this very high frequency
dimension will carry away and rapture all light warriors of
the first and last hours, which do not find a new home in
Agartha nor in the fifth dimension of Being; and bring them
to their homes that are way beyond all limitations.
Abandonment and decampment – you are the first ones
to hear about this and you are the last ones to endure
suffering in this time.
We are under the care of AN`
The Logos of many Universes -
the multidimensional consciousness that
spreads to all worlds and is responsible for
all impulses of the light fleet formations of the
sixth dimension.
Heaven has arrived on earth, with full strength
and with full power that the Creator has given to
us for this assignment.
We remain in this world until our Light has touched
all worlds, until all life has been captured by our Love
and until this planet has been healed and returns in
perfection to the light realms of Creation.
In Eternity, we are among you.