Wednesday, April 16, 2014



Times of choice, is not a choice
Staying with the mind
of yours and mine
is not for the Devine.

Be always within one place
which is..the Heart space.
Choice of Unity and < ours >
is the reality of ego of ours.

Being with the mind for more
is not the choice..any more!
Thinking is like..sleeping,
hiding self
behind mind and the Devine.

The Heaven,s dream is our dream
and the shining stars in skies
is our destiny and Devine.

Choosing a path is not the choice
choosing The Path is the only choice.
The valley of shadows is desappearing
illusions and mayia are no long appearing!

The clouded mountains are not for climbing.
The non-reality of inner-self
sustains evolving to the higher self.

Awakening and awareness
is the light for the stars,and Heaven.
Light and Love in our hearts and minds
is the pathway to our destiny and the Devine.

You are the flames of Heaven
the light of the Devine
Illusions are..ending as the final sunset
  and the rising of the new and magic
........ Reality.