Thursday, April 3, 2014

Financial Warning : By David Righter

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After the economic sanctions against Russia by US and EU,ON THE UKRAINIAN ISSUE,AND THE COUNTER measures of Russia against economic intersts of US and EU,many are expecting a global banking and financial turmoil.The moving out of dollar of Russia and the swift banking procedure of the Russian banks,is expected to create an international banking and financial havoc.There is a possibility of a ( bank holiday ) for 3-4 weeks,in order to settle the situation,based on the new economic circumstances.We have to take into account,that Russia is supported on this issue by the BRICS countries ie.China,Brazil,India,South Africa and other countries.Just in case be prepared.We have nothing to loose if we are prepared.If we do not...

Targeted Messages
Apr 4, 2014 -
Financial Warning

This is David Righter speaking to you.  The financial games are DIRE right now beloveds. PLEASE have some cash and food around because there may be well more than just a short bank holiday and it may be global or localized to certain "western" countries.  Consider yourselves warned and if you have not covered yourself, do not yell at fleet.  This could last a couple weeks. Your plastic will NOT work if this happens.   For those that do not know me, I am the Orvonton specialist incarnate with this planet at this time.