Monday, March 10, 2014


11. März 2014


written by Jahn J Kassl
translated by Franz 

On March 6th, 2014 when I published the essay about the 
Ukraine (“NWO attack on Russia”) 
I received a letter from a very good friend 
wherein the following dream was described:

“I was awakened by loud sawing. Somebody was sawing  wood with a handsaw and it was so loud as if it happened  in the room next door. I slowly woke up but the loudness  did not change. Only after I was fully awake and opened  my eyes was it quiet in the room. Thereby I got up, prayed  and went back to sleep and then the following dream appeared.
Together with other people I am held captive in something like  a building. Even though I feel quite well it is clear to me that I  am in danger. Then I see Mister Putin outside. I walk up to him  and feel infinite trust.
He is very serious and his eyes are not “normal” but look into different directions. This does not frighten me, just the opposite. 
I feel a kind of affection and trust, a kind of love or a slight “being in love”. He puts his hand into his trouser pocket and throws a ring of keys to me. I do not know which doors they would open but I am absolutely certain that this is my lifesaver. 
He waits for me and I am certain that I am safe with Vladimir and will be. He sends me thoughts that he expects me.” 
(End of dream)

(This morning I asked around if anybody had the idea of sawing wood. Nobody had done so and except for me also nobody had noticed the noise. Yet in my case I was pulled out of sleep!)

Return mail JJK: 

Many thanks and I have read your dream; 
and this is a perfect event of synchronicity wherein 
we presently live. Your dream is absolutely self-explanatory and more than explicit – PUTIN the door opener, because he opposes the NWO system and thereby specific crimeswill not happen. In my view Putin represents the combined resistance of human Beings on the 3D and lower 4D levels against the NWO – and thanks to Putin some things developmore softly and happen as such.

It is not surprising that presently the West built him 
up as the “enemy of nations” and “enemy of democracy”,as a “monster”. I also received a dream about Putin being followed by the message “RUSSIA” from SANANDA.

I very much would like to ask you if I could use your dreamas an epilog to the message from SANANDA, which will bepublished in a few days!
Naturally by preserving your anonymity, because it 
does not always serve to be in the “public eye”...
Namely this dream is an excellent document wherein Putin’srole is described in such a way that it is easy to understandand remember.

With these words I send you my love and my thanks 
for sharing this with all of us.