Monday, March 17, 2014

Messages From God

Oh, beautiful warrior of light, with every footstep of your life you sew together the world of duality and return it to a world of Love. Each day, each hour, you mend the rift a little more. And you follow in the golden, glorious footsteps of the greatest bridge of all, the Christ, the one that you call Jesus.
Oh, beloved one, I speak to you today [and to all who find their eyes upon these words] for there are things you are now ready to understand. One: you are the "zipper." You are the very instrument that mends the duality, that brings together, through your life, the dark and light, the good and evil and who brings back to wholeness the beloved Twins, the SoulMates who are the very cells of life. In you is this split-apart dream mended. The mending shall continue until the arc of your life is The Whole Story. The story of wholeness restored.
From The Messages from God
2014-03-17 | Circle of Light