Monday, February 17, 2014


11. Februar 2014

Now it is time to tighten the big bow of ascension again!
It is time for you to participate in the great miracles that are 
ahead of you. Whoever has accomplished the miracle of 
transformation on Self will experience the transformation 
of earth as a great miracle, as a unique event and as a 
joyous occasion. For you, who have followed the ray of the Light, 
this transformation will happen in direct physical contact with 
bliss. And be certain that the dramas remain reserved for those 
who have chosen them. 

The transformation of upper earth progresses and goes 
according to plan. While human Beings come much closer 
to their “ascension energy”, the planet comes much closer 
to its ascension energy and very soon will reach it. 
The ascension processes of human Beings and the planet 
happen almost in sync and are finely tuned. The level at 
which you act, where you have placed your consciousness, 
responds more lethargicly than you wish for. Meaning, some 
events still let themselves be waited for, although they have 
already happened on other holographic worlds. You are still 
embedded in this matrix and there is still the impression of 
stagnation. Yet in fact the unique dynamic of this transfiguration 
of all life has already been aroused and both of us have already 
created the foundation upon which it happens.

Before the “Great Light” comes through it is necessary to 
establish everything and align it accordingly. Foremost it 
is the individual knowledge and enlightenment processes 
that are now supported by all means.
Only the human Being, who is purified in his vibration, 
can withstand the ascension vibration and consequently 
can easily and in joy cherish the divine Light.
Another important point is that you not only come closer 
to this vibration but that you can also hold it and anchor it 
permanently in you.
To this end means have been mentioned to you and tools 
have been given.
In addition to this it is to be noted, that all planetary processes 
that prepare the ascension, have been completed. The attainment 
of the ascension vibration of Mother Earth is only a matter of her 
free will, of her sovereign decision. To a certain extent your 
mother earth waits for you catch up with her, meaning that 
you fully interlock with the already manifested vibration of 
ascension. And you are interlocked as you succeed in constantly
holding this vibration of love or if you step out of it, you very 
quickly return to it.

Mother Earth and we, the Agarthans therefore wait until 
enough human Beings have reached the “ascension vibration” 
in order to ignite our great fireworks. Therefore you have been
handed with all tools for this work on your Being until this close day.

The following fact is due great importance that in these days 
the “Heritage from Atlantis”, which until this time remained 
unreachable for you, is being activated and that you will once
again be fitted with the insignias of divinity, which were once 
familiar to you. Today you, who have chosen the ascension 
with your whole Being, have matured so much that any 
misuse of heavenly gifts is excluded. And you shall be given 
more than what you expect – and it is time to accept these gifts, 
unpack them and open them. As Jahn has done in a dream that 
was given to him: 
Dream: I hold small, ordinary and tightly wrapped plastic 
packages in my hand. So small that I assume they jumped 
out of a “surprise egg”. (For us widely available and very much
loved chocolate eggs for children which offer a small surprise 
inside, mostly a miniature plaything and are readily available 
nearly everywhere. Remark JJK) I open these packages, 
one after the other, and out of them emerge unbelievably 
large and wonderful stuffed animals. I am thinking that my 
beloved son NOAH will be very happy. Finally I count 
5 packages all with the same result: There appear wonderful, 
and in relation to the small packages, way too large stuffed 
animals. (End of dream)

Yes, just as children would marvel at such a sight, 
so you will marvel what gifts will appear as you open the 
packages from Heaven that are given to you in these days.
Therefore the next and final ascension cycle has begun and
God’s trumpets sound one last time, before it will be quiet on
this planet.

And now I have the great honor to initiate you into the 
“Great Event” that will release the GREAT LIGHT and will
make it visible all over the world.

On the day that has been foreseen for this, the earth will 
reverse its poles. Simultaneously with the disastrous events 
on the surface of the earth, mainly triggered by the current rulers, 
we will make ourselves recognizable.

Thereby all mother crystals that are presently invisible 
for you, will be made visible. Meaning: Worldwide crystalline 
light fountains will arise from inner earth into the Heaven. 
Light towers of Heaven, which will absorb all human Beings 
with a suitable vibration; and in their light all dark ones 
who cannot tolerate the light, must burn.

These mother crystals are in the vicinity of all major cities 
in this world and are also manifested in low populated or 
unpopulated areas. Meaning:
In those days nobody can miss his ascension portal! 
The “Great Light” is omnipresent in this world – worldwide
and visible for all human Beings. 

There is no force that can counteract this manifestation 
and within a very short time-span after its appearance 
complete stillness comes to upper earth, because all human 
Beings have arrived at their new home.

We will disclose ourselves and for this day we hold 
ready a great and sacred spectacle for you.
Until then remain fully centered within Self!
Declare your ascension a top-level issue and subordinate everything 
to it. Today you can attain the grace, the fullness of Creation and 
every healing, if you courageously and without compromise face 
your false belief and thought patterns and release these in love. 
This work must be done before we reach the end of this last 
ascension cycle.

It is the moment of your direct acceptance into the halls 
of enlightenment, it is the moment of your arrival in the crystal 
cities of light and it signifies your return to the familiar world 
of the Agarthans. Then our home also becomes your home, 
our consciousness is then also the yardstick for you to soar 
up to. 

A great ascension cycle, the initial cycle, ends, 
and a new one, the final cycle, begins.

We stand ready and expect you on the threshold to inner 
earth, after you have seen the Great Light on upper earth. 
We hold the access corridors free; we open the doors of 
light to inner earth and to the fifth dimension, because:

The guardians of the world have given 
the signal for the reunification of two Nations. 

Everything is and will continue to be given to you. 
We close this and open the first chapter of the new book, 
which bears witness of your last steps into the light and of 
your ascension. 

Many are given all, and all is too much for many. 

Jump over this last hurdle of self-deception, this illusion, 
because what is available to Agartha is also yours, and even 
more: Because gods are always limitless and far from any 

We close this book in order to take our steps. 
Expectations are being fulfilled, the yearning is satisfied.
Face to face we recognize each other – in the GREAT LIGHT.

You are infinitely loved
High Priest of Telos