Saturday, February 1, 2014

Messages from God



Messages of Love 2014-01-31‏

I Am unlimited grace and freedom. I Am Love's universal movement. I Am the passionate, endless explosion of Love that goes on in the eternal moment forever and rushes forth through you to be given. There is a belief in this culture particularly concerning the subconscious mind that gives it false power. To believe that anything of the old world has power over you at all is to turn away from that flame that burns and to turn away from the power of Love I Am as it is expressed as you.
So as you stand in a moment and find yourself confronting a reality that seems to be so "real," so physical, simply reach into your heart and feel the fire, the flame of Christ, the heart of My Love, wildly burning and feel it matched and amplified by your divine counterpart. Feel your heart's true identity and let that fire consume all old subconscious beliefs that hold for you a limited human identity. Speak the words, I Am God. I Am God"s Heart. I Am the Christ. Let that resonance become the flame and let that flame become the ignition of your rocket boosting that lifts you easily beyond the seeming laws of gravity, those laws which are the reversal of the laws of Love and Love's greatness.

From The Messages from God
2014-01-30 | Circle of Light