Friday, February 21, 2014

Messages From God : The center of the dance of life is you.

The Trinity

The center of the dance of life is you, beloved one(s). You are the heart of All That Is ever moving, bathed in grace, the expression of Light and Love, creating more and more of itself. The truth of your heart is a vast and glorious thing that, like the doorway that you now experience, speaks of a greater truth of your being that is life and Love in a glorious Helix of endless Creation.
Thus do I bring to you the experience of the living Christ that is the truth of your glorious being that lives at once as the unity of God I Am and also functions as My glorious heart containing what would be named the Divine as masculine, the Divine as feminine, moving together in perfect joy.
Let the mastery of the living Christ speak within you as you stand before this doorway reclaiming the truth of the heart of All I Am as both Light and Love. Reclaim the Christ as masculine and as feminine - that which has the movement of Love and thus can birth more Creation, more Love being given, more waves of ecstatic joy, more of everything that I Am as unity and as Light and Love, the divine parents that become the truth also of My heart which is the Christ and which is you.
From The Messages from God
2014-02-20 | Circle of Light