Channeled by Fran Zepeda on January 30, 2014

Lady Nada, January 30, 2014:
Hello dear ones…I am speaking today about Love in a form many of you have never seen or felt before in quite this fashion. By now many of you are experiencing Love in a broader perspective and sense than what you have been used to. It has now become of the quintessence of your very being. Many of you walk, talk and experience Love in every moment of your day. It has become a constant companion and driving force to all your actions and definition of your Being.
And so, Love now encompasses ready compassion for all Beings and an empathy and understanding of others that comes so natural to you. Yet, while you encompass all Beings, you also remain detached in a way that compels you to allow others to walk their own path and feel their own pain and learn their lessons on their own.
In a sense, you are your brother and sister’s keeper only in the sense that you are One with them, but allowing at the same time of their individual growth and evolution and path. Harmony with others is becoming for many of you your mantra, your way of being. A deep sensitivity allows you to tune in now to all around you yet maintain your equilibrium and dance to the tune of your own light signature and essence.
Melding further into the milieu of Light and Love that is now your natural habitat, nothing can faze you as much as before. Detachment and Compassion go hand in hand as you allow your own development and mission to lead you in the direction best serving Nova Earth.
Much of what used to matter to you does no longer for many of you. Yet, taking its place is a peaceful forbearance and acceptance of all that comes into your view in the moment, in the Now Moment. You are entering, as such, a timeless experience and extension of yourself, of your many selves, coming together in more complete integration.
So be it to say that many of you are ascending and descending at the same time to meet all your selves, all of your aspects of yourselves in their original blueprint. And while it may feel strange at times, the less you think about it and analyze it, the more you can flow with it and make it more your Reality.
And my dear ones, as such you are claiming and possessing the very qualities you contribute to we, the Ascended Masters, Angels, Archangels and Elohim, and ultimately of Source. Sitting within your Heart, melding within your very Being, your divine nature, you easily grasp the elements of your Divinity: Compassion, Grace, Harmony, Forbearance, Forgiveness, Peace, and Unconditional Love for every part of you, for every part of others, for every plant, animal and mineral, down to every blade of grass and drop of dew upon it.
As such, you are entering into that dimension that encompasses all of that......