Saturday, February 15, 2014




channeled by Jahn J Kassl
translated by Franz

Today, here and now we conclude the first major ascension cycle, 
that has accompanied us in times past and especially in the year 
2013 and still spills into the year 2014.
Great knowledge has been anchored on earth and it penetrated 
deeply into human hearts.
This knowledge surrounds you as a secure anchor in this time, 
as a reliable protection and as almighty manifestation energy, 
wherefrom you can infinitely create and fulfill your life.

We have arrived at the end of this first ascension cycle 
that affects all human Beings and before the new ascension 
cycle begins and in its final act will rapture you; we look at the 
gifts in the light of our souls and at this meeting, the ones your 
original family has brought to you – represented by the fully 
conscious Nation of Agarthans from inner earth, by the ascended 
Masters and by you, who have done the most important of all 
services, namely on upper earth.

Among you and with you.

And with me all ascended Masters have truly come to you. 
We fill this place of our meeting with our light and we fulfill 
this moment when human beings follow these words from the 
light, wherever they may be, following it in love and with an 
open heart.

Today a new until now unparalleled strength and energy is at work, 
because the “time of experiments”, the sometimes-hesitant 
attunement to high light frequencies, is over!
Today you rapidly and efficiently obtain a new vibration field, 
as you are ready to open your heart and your soul for this reality.
And this is the case for all of you. Otherwise you would not have 
followed this invitation* or you would not have been guided to 
these lines.
(*ADAMA refers to the light reading on January 31st, 2014 in Vienna, 
when this concluding message for this book has been delivered. 
Openly accessible light readings occur every month. Remark, JJK)

Master ASANA MAHATARI is in the middle of this room and he 
coordinates the lowering of the “cosmic light dome”. 
Meaning that every human Being, who has taken a seat or 
who in “Now-time” sits down on his meditation cushion, 
will to a new extent be led to the vibration of the fifth 
dimension and will be adapted to it.
Today you can reach the next higher vibration level 
and in sequence also hold it, which is of essential 
importance for this time.
At this moment every human Being who follows these words – no 
matter when and where – is being acquainted with the 5D-light 
hologram, which corresponds to the individually adjusted “cosmic 
light dome”. Thereby you are familiarized with very high vibration 
fields and are led to new possibilities of transformation. I assure 
you that there is nobody among you who has not chosen this 
process. In the carefulness, which guides us and distinguishes 
us, only those human Beings will be rewarded who are worthy 
of the gift. And you are worthy beyond measure to be fitted 
with new vibration impulses, which will carry you way beyond 
this encounter.

CONTIN : Part -2- : “Cosmic light dome”.