Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Saudi Arabian "Sand Geyser" Weird or What?

This video was filmed by a driver 
who stopped along the freeway 
with many others just outside Al-Ahsa 
City, in Saudi Arabia. What you are 
about to see has been called many 
things, including a "Sand Geyser", 
"Sand Fountain", or a "Sand Volcano".

The quality is not the best, because it 
was filmed with a cell phone but it's 
good enough to let you know that 
something very powerful is underfoot 
in the desert. There are plenty of 
speculative ideas, but as of yet nothing 
has been agreed upon even by the 
experts outside of Saudi Arabia.

Any geologists, out there who want to 
take a shot at what in the world is 
happening in this footage?