Saturday, January 18, 2014


...Now it is necessary to remain victorious in the 

battle of the battles, the struggle with your own fears. 
Today it is necessary to achieve the greatest of all 

victories by defeating the armies of doubt within you....

 Stairs to Heaven


channeled by Jahn J Kassl
translated by Franz

Report: After my visit to the sauna I go to the 

adjoining rest area. I try to get some sleep on one of 

the chaise lounges, because since about a week ago I 

cannot get a good sleep, rarely a deep one. Suddenly I 

perceive an absolutely ugly dark Being next to me and I 

think, how can this one get so close to me. A puffed up 

human reptile, in green-blue-violet and black colors. Whereby 

this figure looks at me with a smirk. For just a moment fear

rises within me, but then I get rid of this figure by mandate 

and a cleansing bath. (End of Report)

Beloved Ones,


With you all the time. 

I am the all-presence in these days for Mankind.

Now about this case, the perception of dark forces:

The dark figure points to the fact, that the process of ascension 

is still in full force, and the centrifugal force, the fight between 

Light and darkness is still active, because the fight still rages on. 

The outcome is certain, but yet many human Beings have not 

crossed the finish line, even though it is in sight.

This figure received the authorization of getting so close to 

Jahn so that the ground can be prepared for this message. 

And this message describes the actual events on the upper 

4D earths, now, that God’s grace has poured out to those 

human Beings who are ready to face their fears.

And many human Beings allow to be touched by this grace. 

And again we have to say: It is not many, but enough, 

to bring a new dynamic into the ascension process. The 

already very dynamic process is thereby enriched by new 

assaults from the dark forces and by increased acceleration 

for the ascending ones.

Everywhere, where transformation energy discharges, 

the light forces are challenged and the dark forces also 

become more sensitive, because they utilize these fears, 

before they are completely dissolved, in order to try to 

strengthen these in individual humans, so that a Being

lets go of its transformation.

That is the reason why Jahn experienced the fear so that 

those human Beings who are ready, will be confronted by it.

Furthermore the dark forces try everything in order to block 

the transfiguration of this world. This is impossible! Yet the 

attempt alone brings forth irritation in so many light warriors, 

that several individual ascensions again get postponed.

These processes also mean, that in these days a significant 

number of light warriors of the first and last hours, who were 

supposed to go into the Light together with the actual ascension 

wave, still are on the different higher 4D earth holograms in order

to stabilize the ascension process.

The stabilization of this process is altogether 

the most important aspect of the ascension,

because a transfiguration is always subjected to many 

influences and it is necessary for Gaia and the human 

Beings to remain in a stable condition and to remain focused.

It is good to know, that the dark forces, which still roam the 

surface of this earth, do not back off from anything, also risking

their own destruction. Their appearances become more desperate 

and in the end even more ineffective. But they can still provide for 

unrest and certain “moments of fear” in human Beings. Therefore 

this knowledge is given to you today, so that you may not before

its time put your hands into your lap or put your light sword into 

the shaft.

Many Masters of this time remain on this level long enough until 

“the event” has captured all life. And I repeat and confirm the 

already known fact, that the transformations and revolutions on 

the surface of the earth will be finished in a few days; you can 

count the days and the nights on the fingers of a human hand, 

that are needed for it.


We are still on track. Ascension wave follows ascension 

wave and each human Being according to his eternal contracts 

performs a unique contribution to this wonderful process in creation.

Humans know: Not what you wish, but what you are,

is the all-present will on all levels.

This end-time does homage to your Being and nobody 

can do harm to this fact.

Irrevocable, unchangeable, inalienable is the ascension 

of the designated light warriors. As certain is the deep fall 

of those, who block this sacred festivity of creation, disturb 

it or enrich themselves from the still existing fears of humans.

The cosmic settlement, the day when all is brought 

back into the balance of the Creator, happens in all 

worlds and is imminent for this level of All-that-Is.


Go further than you feet can carry you,

Look deeper than your eyes allow you to,

Be more courageous than the greatest warrior,

who ever left the battle field in triumph and forced

his will on foreign armies.

Now it is necessary to remain victorious in the 

battle of the battles, the struggle with your own fears. 

Today it is necessary to achieve the greatest of all 

victories by defeating the armies of doubt within you.

Light reveals itself to you far beyond your present life.

Your Being reveals itself far beyond your present being.


reveals himself far beyond all what for you is.

Your actual and daily ascension takes place, far beyond

your efforts to ascend, because every human desire 

extinguishes in the face of God’s grace.


The Light and the Love, pure unchangeable 

consciousness in all creations.

I am all-present on all earths.