Wednesday, January 22, 2014

"Puppet Politicians [of] the Private Bankers" : Is there any similarity bettween IRLAND - CYPRUS?

"Puppet Politicians [of] the Private Bankers" ForbiddenKnowledgeTV Alexandra Bruce January18, 2014 Since the World Financial Meltdown and consequent demise of the formerly-booming Irish economy, dubbed the “Celtic Tiger” in 2007/ 2008, many volumes have been written in print media and online and many hours of television and radio coverage has been devoted to the economic and financial crisis which has now become the norm in everyday Irish life. A quick search of the archives of any newspaper, website or television channel would reveal the exact facts and figures, dates and people involved. A general overview can be found here: What these many articles and programs do not reveal is the suffering endured by ordinary people in the name of Austerity enforced by puppet politicians at the behest of their masters, the private bankers. Also not revealed are the names of those held to account or jailed for their part in the economic collapse of Ireland. Why? Because to date not one individual has been held to account or jailed! While politician and banker salaries and pensions are protected and golden handshakes are the order of the day for retiring civil servants and financial regulators, extra taxes, cutbacks in services and attending the funerals of family members and friends who could no longer cope with the stress and strain is now common place for many Irish people. Hence the need for the “Time for Truth” campaign. More Information: OMG! Look at what the Irish people are doing! I am so excited! POWER TO THE IRISH PEOPLE! POWER TO ALL THE PEOPLE! October 2013 Share this, upload this, do what ya can to spread this. If these people win, we all win! We could all do this! Take it all back time is here. - See more at: